" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 14, 2012

Nightmare On Elm Street 4 Imagery

Alice shatters Freddy's dreams with
looking glass in NOES 4.
I wrote a post called Flipside Of The Dartboard a few months ago, that was inspired by watching  Nightmare On Elm Street 4, not that it is a real scholarly piece, but I'm sure you'll get where I was going with it if you read it, and I'm sure that you will find more than I did, if you watch the movie yourself.
"Game of darts, Dorothy?"
I love the
red shoes. 
It was Nightmare On Elm Street 4 that brought the dartboard in movies to my attention.
Of course, with the red and green theme running through the whole movie, you might expect a dartboard to be used as a prop in this movie, just on those red and green colours alone.
While this is no Kubrick film, the imagery in this film is still pretty good.
Little Alice?
One thing you'll notice right from the start of the film is the red and green colours used throughout the movie.
In the above picture we see a red door on a predominantly green house with a red and green coloured apple tree to the right of it.
Which is no big surprise when we realize Freddy is dressed in a predominantly red and green costume.
But it was this study of The Shining that really alerted me the the red and green imagery in some films using those colours on a more esoteric level.
"Fans of numerology in The Shining will be happy to note there are 21 possible scores in the black and white sections of the dart board, while there are 42 possible scores in the colored sections of the board. 
While some see numerology as the key to opening hidden meanings in the narrative, others see numerology as a trap. 
Let’s just note that ‘black and white’ is the lower scoring area and ‘color’ the higher scoring. Danny is first seen wearing the number 42 on a sweat shirt with a basketball-playing Bugs Bunny on its chest, so ‘high scores’ are part of his outlook. 
There are 41 sections of black and white on the board, but 42 sections of color
Danny leaves his father behind in the black and white photograph, to repeat himself over and over again, but Danny moves on the next number, into the full spectrum. "
Even the Colorado flag has some good hidden meanings, maybe?
I only watched Nightmare 4 because I was reading Andras Jones' book at the time and didn't remember that much about the movie, which I saw back when it first came out.
I remember in his book that Andras mentioned something about Herons being a totem animal for him ... at least I think he wrote about Herons.
Also writing about 42 above, notice the number of the haunted house in the movie?
 The film opens with a little girl  
(who we find out in a later dream sequence at the beach, that her name is also Alice)  
digging, or wiping away the dirt.
Which I can relate to -
Gabriel (Peter)
Accidental Initiations
Just how many red and green doors do you see in this film?
Mirrors are something you'll notice a fair bit, too.
As well as checkerboard patterns everywhere.
There might be something in the dog biting the left arm of Kristen, too?
I personally thought it was some Sirius s#!t going on, but who knows?-)
"What the hell am I?
A rabbit?
Christ Alice..."
 Red and green, it everywhere in the movie.
Red and green and sort of like a dartboard?
Sort of like a bulls-eye, being so close to center?
 There is also (in my opinion anyway) references to the
pineal gland, or the gateway to other dimensions via that particular gland that resides in the middle of the head.
Common DMT vision apparently
While I'm fascinated by DMT research, I don't advocate taking drugs, and I definitely don't advocate sun-gazing, or looking into the sun.
Pineapple above bedhead in the
bedroom of one main character.
Who ends up dead in the water. Crucified?
"No shoes, no service"
Another theme in the movie I noticed was red shoes, as in 
The Wizard Of Oz type red shoes.
Red shoes on the first victim.
Red shoes on the reptilian poster on the right.
My red shoe deodorizer and
mini dartboard on my desk.
Bit of a sync was that after I had first watched Nightmare 4 on DVD (not DMT;-)  
I went grocery shopping with my wife and came across
a red shoe deodorizer for hanging from car mirrors.
I bought it and it now hangs to the side of my computer next to my miniature dartboard.
When Alice goes into see these movies she is sucked into the movie-screen after a tornado develops in the movie and pulls her in shoes first.
There's a storm coming Alice/Dorothy.
There are references to portals everywhere, too.
See the blue trumpet shaped lamp in the above two photos.  
The pink elephant on the bed may have been more appropriate in Alice's father's bedroom though, being an alcoholic and all;-)
Gabriel's Horn
Which reminds me of this red and green Christmas song I found a minute ago.
and this Christmas tree for FSM fans -
 And here's one of my favourite Jesus pictures for more traditionalists Christmas folk -
 I love sacred heart imagery.
Something Freddy certainly doesn't have.
In this scene we see the robotic/hypnotic way western society makes learning a nightmare.
Subliminal Sex Messages?
 Do you see a subliminal sex message in the above screen image?
FRED as in RED RUM maybe?
Final scene with the image of Freddy
swimming in the fountain/portal.
There certainly is a lot going on under the surface of this film subconsciously, as all the water imagery alludes to. 
"Swish. Feed the fish"
Interesting names in the credits sync wise, too. 
Hope Marie (Virgin Mary?) Carlton plays the pin-up girl.
Danny Hassel plays Dan (Steely Dan?), Tuesday Knight plays Kristen, but the Little Girl who we find out is named Alice is played by Kristen Clayton!?
 Tuesday Knight also sings the song "Nightmare" from the film soundtrack.
I also thought it was amusing when there was a scene between Kristen and Alice where one asks the other,
"Did you ever hear of the Dream-master?"
and the other one says  
"Sounds like a game show host to me" ?-)
Andras Jones #88
I you think the use of red and green in "Nightmare 4" goes a little overboard, try
The Attic Expeditions, also starring Andras Jones.
Andras Jones in The Attic Expeditions
Don't forget to shake the 8-Ball
with the left hand.
I only noticed this picture on Alice's mirror last night while snapping screen shots of the DVD.
Which is a personal sync to me -
The Bird that Flew into the Window
Time travel explained by Carl Sagan
Cosmos the TV series

"Cosmos Episode 8: Journeys

 In Space and Time"

and My Blue Car Dream

The pattern on my sofa.

Cosmic Gnostic?

Pineal gland

The Grey/The Grays and the Triad

The Third Eye (Pineal Gland)


  1. DMT and the pineal gland?'
    There's so much in this post I don't know where to begin - or end.

  2. I know,it's a bit long.
    It's one I wanted to do about 4 months ago,but couldn't be bothered snapping the photos for it.
    Glad it's off my "To-Do" list now.

  3. That's a marathon, well done, but I'll have to return to run through it all again. So much info.

  4. Red shoes are part of the alchemical Fire Walk. The boys are lured into the Waters of the unconscious to be sacrificed, as in Jennifer's Body.

    Tuesday Knight is Laura Palmer. Or, at least, she looks identical.

    Alice the Dream Master is the secret dreaming Self creating reality. Freddy as Choronzon annihilates the lesser aspects of her egoic personality so that her true Self can emerge in the mirror, as she is the one behind them all.

  5. I went through this again, Daz. It's a labyrinth!

  6. Re:
    "Daz. It's a labyrinth"

    I know.
    This post was written with a nod to the synchromystic crowd over at the Sync Whole Blog.
    The average blogger I know will be scratching their heads and saying to themselves WTF?
    Even the synchromystic crowd might be asking the same question .-)
    But then diaries are to be read by those who write them I guess.
    Consider them brain droppings as George Carlin would say.