" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 13, 2012

Aussie Jesus Darts Sync

Nathan Grindal 33
I've previously written posts about dartboards in movies that seem to have an esoteric meaning attached to them -

Flipside of the Dartboard 
and now I see in the news today this story about an Aussie Jesus lookalike thrown out of a televised darts match in England, because the crowd wouldn't stop chanting Jesus!?
Darts fan booted out of final because he looked like Jesus 
" A man had to be escorted by security from a darts match airing live on television due to being taunted by the crowd - because he looks like JESUS
Nathan Grindal was left close to tears after jeers from the 2000-strong crowd at the Cash Converters Players' Championship final, at a Butlins holiday camp earlier this month. 
The televised final, between darts legend Phil 'The Power' Taylor and Kim Huybrechts, was briefly interrupted as TV bosses became angry the crowd were chanting "Jesus" repeatedly at bearded Nathan. 
Nathan, 33, who emigrated to Oxford six years ago from Australia, was ejected by six burly security guards, as players and television bosses were angry the rowdy crowd's chants were disrupting the match. "
Sacred dart: Jesus lookalike kicked out of TV darts tournament because of crowd chants
Phil 'The Power' Taylor

After getting thrown out of the darts he has now been spotted wandering in an IKEA car-park.
 Luckily he still has a card up his sleeve from a Monopoly tournament he was thrown out of the day before, so he won't be wandering around that car-park for too long;-)

UPDATE: Jan 21st, 2013.
The Second Coming 'Jesus' darts fan becomes cult figure in the sport


  1. So, how do we know Jesus looks like that? But the Sun considers darts to be a sport, so all things are possible. Good to see that IKEA has cornered the cross market.

  2. Re:
    "Good to see that IKEA has cornered the cross market"

    And they have them all located in isle 33.I wonder if the Aussie Jesus lookalike is really 33 years old,or whether the media are just saying that to fit more with their Jesus story?

  3. And I thought you were going to show me this .-)

  4. I thought you were going to show me this...