" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 28, 2013

Football Syncs

The photo of the Spurs programme
Mike Perry commented to me about
The other day I wrote a post about football syncs between myself and Mike Perry and the name Kevin -
Kevin, Walls and Bridges
Mike knowing that I was a Tottenham fan left this comment at the bottom of the post -
"Was looking through some old football programmes, many from my dad and came across Spurs v Newcastle from 1955 - thought you might be interested so scanned it and put it on a post I don't use:"
Looking at the programme I found it odd that there were some famous movie star surnames in both teams that played that day, like Crowe, Cowell, Hopkins, Reynolds and Brooks.
My wall above my computer
On top of my bookcase
Tonight, on Mike's post  
How Cosmic Ordering Worked For Noel Edmonds
Helios left this comment -
"Hi Mike,
About synchronicity, I found this article, a psychologist's point of view
Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence – An Interview with Dr. Kirby Surprise
What do you think, you and your readers about it?"
To which I wrote back -
Here is an article I wrote about Dr. Surprise last year -

Steering Synchronicity by Surprise  
and the funny thing is that my team is playing
Russell Crowe's team again in less than 9 minutes ... so I'm off to watch the game on the TV.
Go the Sharkies!!!"

Russell Kruger;-)
Now the funny thing is Russell Crowe is a part owner of the 
South Sydney Rabbitohs.
Brendan Cowell  is a mad Sharkie fan, like me -
How It Feels??? Synchronistic That's How! (Part 1)
Brendan Cowell and Rose Burne
wearing a Sharks jersey
 Tonight, our teams played each other and the Sharkies 
came out winners 14-12
On the programme of Mike's, Crowe is #6 for Newcastle and Cowell is #2.
= 8.
Rose Byrne
Brendan Cowell
Hollywood couldn't write a better dream script if they tried,

James and the 

Giant Peach Syncs

as there was a happy ending as well ... not for Russ though;-)
"Those f#@%!n Sharks!!!"
I see Rose is filming Insidious 2 at the moment

The Insidious 

Sallie House


Comic Strip


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  1. Phew! Just about 10 minutes ago I wrote in reply to your comment on my blog : "Strange, or maybe not! But today, with my de-cluttering, I came across the 'nut' you pictured in your post - as link above."

    This was in reply to reading your post again about Dr Surpise on

    I had a feeling you would find some synchros on that old Spurs programme.