" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 20, 2013

Little Peach/Crane Sync

Little Peach
Last week my blogging friends Rob and Trish MacGregor wrote a post about a ceremony they performed involving paper cranes -
The Origami Medicine Wheel
Rob and Trish's paper crane ceremony
on a
peach colour floor?
The paper crane I made a while back
I left this comment on the post at the MacGregor's website -
"Love this story as I have a paper crane that I made a year or two ago sitting in front of me on my desk.
I was deciding the other day whether I should throw the crane out or not, in my effort to de-clutter my computer room.
I nearly did throw it out, but at the last moment felt that I shouldn’t as it was part of an assignment from a book I still haven’t finished called
101 Things to Do Before You’re Old and Boring

101 Things to Do Before You’re Old and Boring
Yesterday at Bangalow 
On the Right Track?
I found a shop called Little Peach,
which reminded me of the James and the Giant Peach syncs I wrote about a while back on this blog -
James and the Giant Peach Syncs  
so, I went in to have a look around and what should I find?
A paper crane in a glass bubble
Made in Melbourne!?!
My ceramic crane hanging
in my computer room
A paper crane in a glass bubble and a ceramic crane hanging ornament, which now hangs from my roof above my computer, almost like it is flying over my head.
And next door at Wax Jambu
I found not a wax jambu, but a cast iron pineapple.

A jambu is an exotic fruit
My cast-iron pineapple from Wax Jambu.
Sits on the floor next to the CD rack
I bought the pineapple because it reminded me of this post that I wrote a while back -
The Upside-Down Pineapple
and this post about the pineapple fountain in Charleston -
Osiris/Orion Star Map of Charleston?
Wax Jambu is where I also found the 8-Ball Pool Hall sign.
which now hangs on my wall above the computer.
The pineapple and 8-ball reminded me of this story -
 April 8 Syncs
Sync or swim?-)
42 Minutes: Episode 84 Andras Jones
Sync can be one big rabbit hole, that's for sure;-)
42 Below Sync
And a ball;-)


  1. Just read on Google News:

    Nesting cranes have laid the first egg in southern Britain in more than 400 years at Slimbridge.

    Crane: the bird of the moment.

  2. I saw about three Great Egrets on my trip to Byron Bay,which I thought where cranes,but they are more of a heron.One was perched on a guide rail on the side of the road as I drove past.
    I would have loved a picture of that to show you,but I was driving at 110 km/hour,so that wasn't possible unfortunately.

    But you can see one here to give you an idea of what they look like -

    I'll take it as a crane substitute for the day,crane or not.-)

  3. When I was in Ibiza a heron, or maybe an egret, followed us along a coastal walk - a white one and then at the end of the walk we also saw a black one.

  4. I've got something coming up soon on the egret and St.Lucia,but at the moment I'm in sync overload.