" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 15, 2013

The Trip of a Lifetime at 42?

Richard Swanson[g], 42
This story is very much along the lines of the stories I'm reading about in the book
What Should I Do with My Life? 
where people try to find a purpose to life by changing jobs, 
or finding other lines of work after being laid off.
Only this story, while inspiring, ended very badly indeed.
"An American trying to dribble a football from Seattle to Brazil in time for the 2014 Brazil World Cup has died less than two weeks into his trip.
Richard Swanson, 42, was hit by a truck in Lincoln City, Oregon. 
His football was found nearby.
Swanson had set off from Seattle on 1 May aiming to raise money for the One World Futbol Project, according to his  
Breakaway Brazil website."
US man killed dribbling football to Brazil World Cup
" Swanson hoped to travel through 11 countries including Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia.
"It will be a trip of a lifetime where I will push myself further then I ever thought possible," he wrote on his website.
"I felt destined that I should go on this trip," he had said in a previous interview with The Longview Daily News.
Swanson explained that he had lost his job in graphic design, after switching from a career as a private investigator. 
He was having "a hard time" finding another job and it had given him time to 
"think about what you want out of life". "
Now, this is spooky, because in my last post 
Zombies Everywhere? 
I mentioned Robert Palmer's song 
Looking for Clues in conjunction with Teresa Palmer the star of Warm Bodies.
And what happens to be the name of the officer who was investigating Richard's death?
"Lt. Jerry Palmer said investigators found materials among Swanson's belongings listing his website,
Kristi Schwesinger, a Seattle interior designer and close friend of Swanson's said
 "He was at a point in his life where he had raised his kids,". 
"Both his boys (Devin and Raven) had graduated from high school. 
He had no mortgage. 
He had sold his condo recently and was between jobs.
"And he loved the game of soccer," she said. 
"He stumbled on this great organization, One World Futbol, and decided this would be his passion the next year."  
Swanson spent Monday night in Lincoln City, where he was able to soak in a hot tub, and eat a gourmet breakfast, before he set off for Newport, not knowing where he would stay, she added.
"I felt destined that I should go on this trip," Richard said. "
Man dribbling soccer ball 10,000 miles to Brazil killed by truck 
Oddly enough, I only came upon this story on the BBC website because I was checking the English soccer tables.


  1. This story is fascinating and tragic. And as usual, your maze of interconnected synchros is mind-boggling!

  2. Swanson said, "I felt destined that I should go on this trip." And yet he died - makes you wonder ...