" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 20, 2013

On the Right Track?

Old abandoned railway line that runs behind Bangalow's main street.
Bangalow, The Place Beyond the Pines?
I just love the cryptic nature of synchronicity.
I've been waiting for the Bangalow Billy Cart Race for a long time, 
I meant to go the previous two years, but always forgot and missed the day.
This year though I was determined to get down there and see it for my first time.
Why a billy cart race you ask?
Well it all goes back to a dream (?) I had after my father-in-law died -
My WTF Birthday Card
which featured him pushing me up and over a hill in a pale blue peddle car.
Pale blue car with white/silver wheels.
This has set me off on an obsession of trying to find out the meaning of this very real dream that I had, plus my obsession of trying to find a match to this blue car from my dream. 
Life Is A Boxcar

127?  Repo Man?
I found the above picture the other day, which matches the colour of the car in my dream, plus the silver/white tyres. 
I've been using it as my desktop background for the past week or so.
Gordon Tindall's 1951 Hudson Hornet
I chased the photo down on the net after seeing the above picture of an old Hudson with a pale blue finish and white/silver wheels.
Hudson Hornet from the movie Cars voiced by Paul Newman.
The guy that owned the old beat up Hudson was featured in a post about his restoration of old railway diners.

Diner Hotline Weblog

Anyway, the Hudson that I've been using as a desktop background has the number plate 
622-127 on the front and I also noticed the car out of the movie 
Repo Man has a 127 numberplate also -
Repo Man / 127 Sync
127 Repo Man

So, I decided to take my Repo Man soundtrack with me on the drive down to Bangalow.
But I pulled this CD out of the rack by "mistake" -
More railway tracks?
The railway tracks meant nothing to me when I pulled the CD out, because I wasn't aware of the old railway line running behind Bangalow's main street, but I had seen Brett play these songs live a few years ago when he supported Pete Murray  
(who lives near Bangalow)

So I grabbed Brett's CD So Much More
as well to take along for the long drive.

Aboot Canadians

I just noticed the tree behind Gordon Tindall's 1951 Hudson Hornet and the tree I thought was a maple tree in Bangalow look pretty much the same.
The CDs that I played to Bangalow, plus a sign and crane I bought there.
My free tickets to The Place Beyond the Pines.
I'm hoping to use my free tickets today to see  

Scene from the movie Repo Man.
Two cars in a shop front window in Bangalow. 42?
Check out the 2 minute mark of Ain't No Reason clip at the extreme top.
The 8-ball sign I bought from the above shop.
View from the bridge, Bangalow.
A couple of cars flying past me yesterday at Bangalow.
The veiw of St.Kevin's from the same bridge over the tracks.

This restaurant Fisheads was what brought me back to the town a few years ago.

Kevin From Bangalow

Byron Bay as viewed from the hill behind Bangalow.
Little Peach, Bangalow where I bought a crane Xmas tree ornament yesterday.
James and the Giant Peach Syncs
Illustrated by Quentin Blake .
Mike Perry's Blake on the Green Bridge Coincidence.

Jessica Watson: Finding Point Nemo

Susan Sarandon voices the spider James and the Giant Peach.
Look what I found in the Bangalow School Fete yesterday.
 See more from the day at this link -
Bangalow Billy Cart Derby 2013


  1. Wow. Now I understand the utter power of railroad tracks! Great post - and a labyrinth, as always.

  2. Even railway lines must have turning points. Hope your trip was everything you wished - there certainly seems to have been many indicators.

    Great synchros and photos.

  3. Cool post. The Hudson Hornet looks to have a Masonic compass embedded into the grill. HH = 88.