" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 20, 2013

On the Right Track?

Abandoned railway line that runs behind Bangalow's main street

Bangalow, The Place Beyond the Pines?
I just love the cryptic nature of synchronicity.
I've been waiting for the Bangalow Billy Cart Race for a long time, 
I meant to go the previous two years, but always forgot and missed the day.
This year though I was determined to get down there and see it for my first time.
Why a billy cart race you ask?
Well it all goes back to a dream (?) I had after my father-in-law died -
My WTF Birthday Card
which featured him pushing me up and over a hill in a pale blue peddle car.
Pale blue car with white/silver wheels
This has set me off on an obsession of trying to find out the meaning of this very real dream that I had, plus my obsession of trying to find a match to this blue car from my dream. 
Life Is A Boxcar
127?  Repo Man?
I found the above picture the other day, which matches the colour of the car in my dream, plus the silver/white tyres. 
I've been using it as my desktop background for the past week or so.
Gordon Tindall's 1951 Hudson Hornet
I chased the photo down on the net after seeing the above picture of an old Hudson with a pale blue finish and white/silver wheels.
Hudson Hornet from the movie Cars voiced by Paul Newman
The guy that owned the old beat up Hudson was featured in a post about his restoration of old railway diners.

Diner Hotline Weblog

Anyway, the Hudson that I've been using as a desktop background has the number plate 
622-127 on the front and I also noticed the car out of the movie 
Repo Man has a 127 number-plate also -
Repo Man/127 Sync
127 Repo Man
So, I decided to take my Repo Man soundtrack with me on the drive down to Bangalow.
But I pulled this CD out of the rack by "mistake" -
More railway tracks?
The railway tracks meant nothing to me when I pulled the CD out, because I wasn't aware of the old railway line running behind Bangalow's main street, but I had seen Brett play these songs live a few years ago when he supported Pete Murray  
(who lives near Bangalow)
So I grabbed Brett's CD So Much More
as well to take along for the long drive.
I just noticed the tree behind Gordon Tindall's 1951 Hudson Hornet and the tree I thought was a maple tree in Bangalow look pretty much the same.
The CDs that I played to Bangalow, plus a sign and crane I bought there.
My free tickets to The Place Beyond the Pines
I'm hoping to use my free tickets today to see  
Scene from the movie Repo Man
Two cars in a shop front window in Bangalow. 42?
Check out the 2 minute mark of Ain't No Reason clip at the extreme top.
The 8-ball sign I bought from the above shop
View from the bridge, Bangalow.
A couple of cars flying past me yesterday at Bangalow.
The veiw of St.Kevin's from the same bridge over the tracks
Fisheads was what brought me back to the town a few years ago

Kevin From Bangalow

Byron Bay as viewed from the hill behind Bangalow
Little Peach, Bangalow where I bought a crane ornament yesterday
James and the Giant Peach Syncs
Illustrated by Quentin Blake 
Mike Perry's Blake on the Green Bridge Coincidence

Jessica Watson: Finding Point Nemo

Susan Sarandon voices the spider James and the Giant Peach
Look what I found in the Bangalow School Fete yesterday
 See more from the day at this link -
Bangalow Billy Cart Derby 2013


  1. Wow. Now I understand the utter power of railroad tracks! Great post - and a labyrinth, as always.

  2. Even railway lines must have turning points. Hope your trip was everything you wished - there certainly seems to have been many indicators.

    Great synchros and photos.

  3. Cool post. The Hudson Hornet looks to have a Masonic compass embedded into the grill. HH = 88.