" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 16, 2013

Talismans, Journeys and Connections

Part of my desk with the paper crane
that I made a while back
I was de-cluttering my computer room the other day and was deciding whether to throw out the paper crane I had made a year or two ago.
It sits on my desk with a lot of other pieces of my past.
It was an assignment from a book I started reading a few years ago, but never finished called 
101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring.
I stated off on a bad note by skipping the first exercise in the book called, Message in a Bottle
and this one as well,
as I found my life seemed a lot like this experience above, anyway;-)
Once I reached this exercise above and bought a harmonica, which still sits on my desk unlearned, I stopped reading the book, placed it back on the shelf and proceeded to read other books instead, with the intention of picking the book up later in the future.
The harmonica sitting on my desk,
not getting played
Then last night I see this post about paper cranes at -
The Origami Medicine Wheel

Angel Hero: 

Sadako Sasaki

and this morning I see Ailsa Piper had this post up at her blog -
So, I'm glad that I didn't throw the crane out.
October 2010
Jennifer Hawkins (left)
Zombies Everywhere?
The same day I was thinking of throwing out the paper crane I found this magazine from October 2010, which was in a big pile of magazines that I hadn't read, or finished reading.
And it was full of syncs for me.
Page 26 of the FHM magazine.
For instance, there was a post I read at this site -
called "Sym-BULL-ism Decoded!" which wrote about the letters T and J,
which I had just read after reading this joke in the magazine.
So, I left this comment under the post -
 "This is funny because I was de-clutering my computer room and found a FHM magazine from October 2010 in a pile of magazines I had bought but just thrown aside to read later.
This magazine was open and folded back at page 26
(where I must have read up to before throwing it in the ‘to-read’ pile for later)
and in the bottom corner is this joke -
“My wife threatened to leave me today because, apparently, I’m a smart arse.
She said, 

We’re at the crossroads in our relationship: one way is love and trust, the other is a divorce.
I said “I think you’ll find that’s a T-Juction.” ”

T-J unction!?
Also I’ve been working my way through Scott Alexander-King’s book
“Animal Dreaming” in order of animals in his book and oddly enough when I put the book down last night I was up to the Bull (page 97)
Animal Dreaming

It’s also my wife’s birthday today as well (11th May) and she is a Taurus.
Bull syncs all round. "
I thought this might be what the sync was really telling me, as lately the internet just seems a waste of time to me, with little real reward for time spent on it.

Phoenix Dawn

Then I saw this article about the movie Commando which starred Rae Dawn Chong
and sure enough she too was being interviewed in the piece.

Synchronize: Episode 01

Another Dawn

Kickstarter Debate Raging 

Over Celebrities Projects

Zombies in this issue as well.
Zombies Everywhere?
Watch the trailer of 'Warm Bodies' to get that picture above;-)
Like learn to play the harmonica?-)
Rob Corddry
" Swanson spent Monday night in Lincoln City, where he was able to soak in a hot tub, and eat a gourmet breakfast, before he set off for Newport, not knowing where he would stay, 
she added.
"I felt destined that I should go on this trip," Richard said. "
The Trip of a Lifetime at 42?
Interview with Bret Easton Ellis
Connections seem to be everywhere I look lately.


  1. I'm beginning to think tht crane is as important as hummingbird and owl in the bigger scheme of things.

  2. "... lately the internet just seems a waste of time to me,with little real reward for time spent on it."

    It depends what you want from the Internet. From a financial aspect why not try and make some money from your blog (or possible blogs). That way you get whatever you want/expect form the Internet plus some cash, best of both worlds.

    Thanks for the Ailsa Piper link.

    "Echizen paper club to celebrate the departure of the bride and groom with a shower of paper cranes"

  3. RE:
    " From a financial aspect why not try and make some money from your blog ?"

    It's not about money,but satisfaction.
    It's becoming stale to me,and that wouldn't change if I had $20,000,000 in the bank or $0
    (of course with $0 I would be off the net for sure.-)
    If I tried to make money from this blog it wouldn't flow,because that would be a restraint,as I would then care about what I wrote in the way Hollywood exects worry about the outcome of a movie's $ making abilities.

    Maybe it's just one of those valleys of discouragement with the world that I'm in at the moment ?

    I'm going down to Byron Bay on Sunday for the Bangalow Billy Cart Race,

    if the weather is fine.
    Mentally,for some reason I feel this will be a turning point in my life,but I don't know why.
    It has to do with my dream of a few years back,so we will see.

    I won't say it's my destiny,like the guy who was dribbling the soccer ball,but it is something like that feeling.
    Whatever will be,will we will see.
    Feels like a turning point either way...bad or good,that's another question ?

    Oddly as I've just written that last sentence I was listening to Steve Willner's new video and it was at the 7:24 minute mark
    "The end of one era signals the beginning of another"

    Interesting,as it was the next post I was putting up.I was just listening to the clip once more before posting it.

  4. "Mentally,for some reason I feel this will be a turning point in my life,but I don't know why."

    "if the weather is fine"

    Cart racing might, but do 'turning points' also depend on the weather?

    Good luck, whether sun or rain.

    Satisfaction is one of the essential ingredients of life. When I mentioned blogs / money making I was more thinking of you writing about things you seem to love. Perhaps movies, books, music, new artists and so on. This in turn can lead to other openings - or even turning points.

    Take care.

  5. @Mike
    There aren't too many turning points in a straight downhill race,or there shouldn't be.-)
    I've checked the weather forecast for that region and it looks like it will be a fine day.
    So fingers crossed.
    Hopefully I'll get some good photos if I get down there.