" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 24, 2017

The Hunt for the Skinwalker and the How and Why We Don't Know Dick About the Phenomena

I just spent the week reading a book that I bought after listening to a 'Mysterious Universe' podcast featuring "investigative" film maker Jeremy Corbell.
17.24 MU Podcast
I have to admit that I don't know Dick when it comes to
Robert Bigelow and Jeremy Corbell.
To me the UFO game is like wrecking your life in the hunt for a massive white whale. 
Founded in 1999?-)
The organization in the TV show 'UFO' might suit Bigelow
But I had heard stories about a billionaire who bought a ranch somewhere in the middle of the USA who was interested in throwing money at investigating the weird UFO and related phenomena surrounding that ranch.
"Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 480 acres (1.9 km2) southeast of
Ballard, Utah that is allegedly the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities.
Its name is taken from the skin-walker of Native American legend."
The thing is that I don't really care about the so-called UFO phenomena supposedly happening around the world, because there is a lot of strangeness already happening in the world we live in worth investigating, stuff that I don't need a visit from aliens to look into.
Do I believe in aliens?
Of course I do, I would have to be a Dick not to.
The Universe is full of life out there and us aliens aren't unique in the cosmos.
The only trouble with all of this UFO stuff is all of the disinformation floating around put out there by people like Bigelow who say that they are trying to get to the bottom of it, but probably in reality just trying to muddy the already dirty waters of UFO research.
I'm not calling Bigelow a liar, but my gut feeling after reading
'Hunt for the Skinwalker' is to never buy a used car from him.
My conclusion after reading 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' is that Bigelow is just a part of the Military/Industrial Complex, or a private contractor for them and is making out that he is the good cop to their bad cop.
Gorman/Sherman ... whatever?
And who's to say the Gormans/Shermans hadn't bought the ranch in a prelude to Bigelow buying it so they could put the backstory of all this weirdness into place?
I listened to the above interview with the late Gabe Valdez who is mentioned in the 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' book and  to his son Greg on Greg Bishop's show and it becomes obvious just what is going on in Dulce and in Utah.
To me the Valdez's take on the events ring true and people like
Greg Bishop seem to be the real truth seekers.
Finally The TRUTH About Who Is Responsible For Cattle Mutilations
The Military/Industrial Complex had/have "secret" bases around these sites testing some weird s#it and are deliberately throwing money at private citizens in the UFO game ... and that's what it is to most of these guys ... one big game, like TV wrestling where guys from "different" perspectives bash each other with folding chairs over the head and pretend they are enemies, when in all probability they are both working for the same Military/Industrial Complex umbrella organization, or getting money from them to keep the game going on.
I say get the book 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' and put your gum boots on and prepare to step in some cow pats as you walk through this book.
Ex-Air Force Law Enforcement Agent Says He Hoaxed Major UFO Mythologies
And what annoys me is that the writers of this book drop respected names and the work of people like John MackJacques Vallée,
Rick Strassman, etc into the book to gain some respectability in their book and keep muddying the waters they don't want you to look into.
I say that if people like Bigelow are trying to tell you it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is probably an owl;-)
I listened to the latest 'Mysterious Universe' podcast, which featured a panel of guys delving into the UFO phenomena and at least these guys seem to be weary of the cow pats laying in the field of modern day Ufology.
18.03 MU Podcast
Trust the Red Pill Junkie to bring Kevin Bacon into the debate;-)
Sneaky Sound System - UFO
20(16 Miles?) U.F.O/O.F.U and Sneaky Sound Synchromysticism?
Because if there is one thing we can probably all agree on is that everything is connected to Kevin Bacon in some way and we don't really know Dick when it comes to the UFO phenomena, except to make sure that you have a good pair of boots handy when investigating places like the Skinwalker Ranch;-)

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Daz. UFOs are just one of the mysteries. What about time slips? OBEs? Recongizing people form past lives? Just what kind of receiving/transmitting stations are our brains, anyway?

  2. Your welcome Trish.
    I haven't read that particular book of yours, but I liked the cover and felt it went well with the subject matter of the post.
    I've got so many books to read at the moment that my apartment is looking like a mini-library.
    I just started reading Graham Hancock's novel 'War God' and it's nearly 600 pages long.
    I'm just hoping it's better than the last book I read of his called 'Entangled'.

  3. I meant to write "You're" welcome instead of "Your" welcome Trish, but I'm sure that you figured that out for yourself.
    I just don't want to upset Loren Coleman if he sneaks by here to read this post.
    He's told me before how much my bad writing habits annoy him.
    But I'm sure he'd be correcting all of my mistakes with a red pen on his computer screen if he has read this far ;-)