" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 30, 2017

Chameleon Eyes?

My eye taken on my iPhone
I watched the movie 'Two Hands' the other night and I couldn't help noticing the amount of actors in the movie who had, or appeared to have, green eyes like I do...some who's eyes actually seemed much greener than the eyes in my head.
Spontaneous Combustion? I Am Heath Ledger Depicts a Soul That Burned Too Bright?
For the past fifty years of my life I must admit I have been fairly oblivious to eye colour, apart from the fact that you either had blue, or brown eyes, or for people like me, you had "hazel".
It took me fifty years to realize that my eyes where "green".
I remember my grandmother puzzling at the dinner table one night staring into my eyes and trying to figure out what colour they were.
My grandmother called my mother over (who has blue eyes) to ask her what colour she thought my eyes were.
They both looked into my eyes for ages wondering (and I felt like a total freak BTW) and finally came to a mutual conclusion that my eyes were "hazel", even though my grandmother was pretty sure they were green.
From that moment on I was convinced my eyes were hazel, because the consensus from school was you either had brown, or blue eyes...but I was someone who had hazel eyes according to a confused family consensus around the dinner table...and who was I to argue?
From that moment on, to me my eyes were hazel...whatever the f#ck that meant.
People (usually girls) would often stare into my eyes and ask me what colour they were and I would reply "hazel" not having any clue what colour "hazel" was, but if my mother and grandmother stared into my eyes puzzled for what seemed eternity to me and came up with hazel, then who was I to question their wisdom?
It wasn't until I read Christopher Knowles' post about agent Scully from the TV show 'X-Files' having green eyes associated with alien hybrids(?) that I actually learned that green eyes were real.
Which was when I took the photo of my eye in the mirror to really determine what colour eyes I had.
And yes, they were green.
The fact that Chris had referred to green eyes being associated with alien hybrids didn't really impress me, it was the fact that I found out that only 2% of the world population had green eyes that really impressed me.
Mariel McClorey who played Helen in 'Two Hands'
Mariel McClorey in 'Two Hands'
Like Courtney Rhodes wrote in this excellent article about green eyes -
Learn About the Origins of Green Eyes
"Only 2% of the world's population have green eyes or about 140 million people.
Why do so few people have this trait?
The answer boils down to genetics.
Until 2007, it was believed that there was a hierarchy of eye color.
Brown was dominant over green, which was dominant over blue.
You received two genes for an eye color, one gene from each parent, and whichever was the dominant gene would express itself.
Therefore two brown genes would obviously express itself as brown.
A brown gene and a blue or green gene would express itself as brown.
 A green gene and a blue gene would express itself as green.
And only a combination of two blue genes would express itself as blue."
I wanted to know what put me into that 2% of the world's population.
And from watching the movie 'Two Hands' I wanted to know why there seemed a disproportionate ratio of actors who appeared to have green eyes over the rest of the cast.
I was especially taken in by the eyes of Mariel McClorey (an actress I had never heard of before) because she has my eye colour and throughout the film the colour appears (to my eyes) to change, to the point that I'm not sure what colour her eyes are.
Which takes me back to my childhood with my grandmother staring into my eyes and wondering just WTF colour my eyes were.
Which is probably a big reason to this day I can't stand people looking into my eyes.
Because it makes me feel a bit like a circus freak when I can tell people are fascinated by my eyes for some reason.
Green eyes?
Two sets of Green eyes?
The weird thing now is that I know I have green eyes and have a majority of Jewish genes (about 48%) and now I feel like a minority within a minority. 
Several passes through the mountain range made it a strategic region or military and trade (silk road)."
According to my Ancestry DNA results I have 3% of my genes as Caucasian, so is that enough to give me green eyes in life's genetic lottery?
I've also got 18% Irish and 19% Scandinavian genes.
Or is it something else in my genes that give me green eyes?-)
And with only 2% of us having green eyes my question is why is green eyes associated with jealousy?
Scenes from the movie 'Two Hands'
Rarest Eye Color in Humans
Shouldn't the rest of you be jealous of us?-)
I have to admit though that it's blue eyes like Paris Jackson has that mesmerize me.
I nearly bought this magazine the other day because of those eyes.
Nice try Vouge, but I didn't.
I saw this post on Paris Jackson's Twitter feed when I started writing this post and it was addressed to Nahko Bear and my WTF meter lit up, because I've kept running into Nahko every year for the last four years, as he loves the same part of the world that I do.
I even bought  Nahko's latest album this year at the
Byron Bay Bluesfest, because the universe keep throwing us together for some reason (probably because we are the same height?-) and his was the last act I caught this year.
It was a great way to end the festival I thought.
Nahko Bear at the BBBF in 2016
I might just be in this photo shoot , too:-) 
Easter MOONday at Bluesfest, 2017
'Nahko & Medicine for the People' at the BBBF Easter Monday, 2017
So my advice Paris is to talk to Nahko about the Byron Bay area and get yourself out here soon.
But don't take my word for it, follow your heart...and Nahko.
Find the others and all that stuff.
I'm pretty sure Nahko has brown eyes

UPDATE: July 30th, 2017...I have bought that Vouge magazine since I started writing this post over a week ago...damn your haunting cover shots Vogue...and Paris does mention wanting to go to the Byron Bay Bluesfest in that magazine article.
I still think blue eyes look hotter than green, but you know what they say about the grass being greener on the other side?
Well, maybe it's the same when it comes to eye colour, too?-)
The one thing you might not have noticed about Ivanka Trump's eyes
"It would be fair to say that Ivanka Trump is something of a chameleon, what with her role as former executive vice president of The Trump Organisation and running the White House as assistant to her father, President Donald Trump.
However, rumours are now circulating to suggest that the 35-year-old is employing a cunning strategy to help her manipulate her father's supporters.
Last year, journalist Nell Scovell suggested Trump's eldest daughter wore various shades of contact lenses, depending on which public appearance she was scheduled to be attending."
Scovel Your Way Out of the S#it?


  1. I take the view that just because something has been considered significant in mythology, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is in real life. Sure, there are lots of stories with heroes with blue or green eyes, but that's probably because an unusual eye color makes everybody think they had a more hypnotic look than if they were your standard brown. It's like stories that "the seventh son of a seventh son" is likely to be a wizard. There simply is no reason why the seventh son would be much different from the sixth or the eighth in practice, but it sure sounds interesting.

  2. Being the second of four kids Photos I would have to agree with you on that comment above.
    But I guess my fascination with the rarity of my own eye colour is in the study of genetics and just what makes us us on a purely physical grouping of cells at this present moment in time.
    Having taken one of those spit in a bottle genetic tests recently I'm amazed as to the stories our parents and grandparents tell us about our past, only to find out that genetics (which I don't fully trust to tell the whole story either) tell us a whole lot of other stories about our past as well as confirming some of what our parents and grandparents told us about our past and how we got to the body we steer at present.
    I knew from family history that I was a mongrel made up of Jewish/German/Danish/Scandinavian and a bit of English stock, but I had no idea that I was 18% Irish and 3% Spanish (Iberian peninsula), plus other minor percentages (less than 3% of maybes according to the genetic testing company).
    So life is one big story it seems when it comes to our own story.
    And I hope those genetic companies never find the alien genes that make up my green eye colour ;-)