" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 13, 2017

Christopher Knowles and Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D: The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll

I was checking for updates at the 'Watching the Watchmen' links to synch-heads' blogs last Monday my time (EST Australia) and saw Chris Knowles was going to be live on a radio show called '21st Century Radio' hosted by Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.
Guest: Christopher Knowles: Part One
Guest: Christopher Knowles: Part Two
I'd never heard of this radio show before, but the name of Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D did ring a bell for me and when I clicked the link from Chris' blog post and saw the purplish hippie bus I realized why I knew the name.
Years ago I was thinking of buying one of these
"Light" the Woodstock Buses through Amazon, but it would have cost me a fortune not just to buy, but to have it shipped to Australia.
To me it was a work of art that would have looked good in my home, but I talked myself out of it...eventually.
Now I see the real bus is lost...stolen I presume.
I couldn't help thinking of the purple bus that hit that poor guy in England who was walking to the Purple Turtle rock pub which I wrote about in this post -
You Wouldn't Read About This Trickster Event...Would You?-)
Guardian angelReading...the Guardian?
That guy in England should buy a lottery ticket after that close call.
And on the subject of buying a lottery ticket...
it was when I was looking through Bob's bookstore I realized just why his name was so familiar to me, because years ago I bought and read his book 'How to Pick Your Personal Lottery Numbers'.
I have to say that I wasn't impressed with this book at all and would have been real pissed had I forked out the $50 it was going for brand new, when I had bought it second hand from Amazon for about $10.
I even wrote a post back then trashing the book within it
Freedom From The "Inside Out"???
...and yes I'm the one with the one star review of it on Amazon.
PLEASE NOTE: "How to Pick Your Personal Lottery Numbers", NOT, "How to Pick Your Winning Personal Lottery Numbers"
I guess you can tell if you read that review that I wasn't impressed with the book and I haven't changed my mind still, but at least I'm not working in a shit job today, like I was back then, when I really wanted out of that place and my mortgage. 
I still haven't won that first prize dividend yet, but I've been hitting pretty close, although I haven't been listening to the disc in that post, or practicing the message I preached in that post.
I've just been playing set numbers, so maybe I should go back to playing that disc and trying those more intuitive methods again, as well, to see how I go with that method of picking numbers again?
Having said that about Bob's lotto book, I have to say that some of his other books look interesting, but I haven't read any of Bob's other books featured at his radio website.
His radio show I do like and will be keeping the link in my favorites folder with all my other favourite pod-cast links.
Great pod-cast with Chris and I really enjoyed it Bob.
Peace...and don't take the review of your lotto book too personally, as I like pretty much all your other stuff, just not the lotto book.

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  1. Darren, if you want to win the lottery, the logical thing to do is to read about people that have won big lottery prizes repeatedly. Yes, they exist. And of course, I don't believe it's coincidence. Certainly not in the cases that have won three times.

    A very important part of it seems to be to play small lotteries, not the big ones with lots of players.