" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 8, 2017

Trash Talking with Katie Bone and Michael Donovan

I like the idea behind Michael and Katie's proposed new podcast 'Motherlover'(?) about not trashing Mother Earth and keeping it clean.
Not this Katie Bone below who's Instagram site looks pretty cool, too.
WARNING: You might need some ear condoms to listen to this podcast, as there are plenty of F words, among other words in this show -
There's just too many dicks on this planet not giving a toss about tossing...rubbish that is.
By the way, did you know that condoms don't biodegrade?
Talk about f#cking the planet with waste;-)
"The best way to properly dispose of a condom is to throw it in the trashcan.
Condoms are not recyclable and many are not biodegradable.
Therefore, there is no other place for it but the landfill."
Norwegian wood?!
Norwegian girl collects used condoms and display[s] them on the wall.
But seriously, the planet is getting trashed right now and it's time that we did start giving a f#ck, although not necessarily to the girl in Norway.
Scientists mapping Australia's deep sea floor find rubbish at depths up to four kilometres, rare deep-sea creatures
"An international group of scientists have used new technology to plumb the dark depths of Australia's eastern abyss for the first time, revealing an exciting array of rare sea life but also rubbish a kilometre under water."
Remote South Pacific island has highest levels of plastic rubbish in the world
"The beaches of World Heritage-listed Henderson Island, in the Pitcairn Group off South America, contain an estimated 37.7 million items of debris together weighing 17.6 tonnes, a new study has revealed.
Australian researcher Dr Jennifer Lavers said it meant the island had the highest density of plastic rubbish anywhere in the world."
It's time to clean up and prevent plastic trash polluting this world of ours.
And stop f#cking it up.
I'm starting to think that the people on this planet are just f#cking bananas if they can't see there's a problem here on this planet with trash.
"Lauren is NOT an environmentalist but she can teach you how to save $20,000 in 4 years, get healthier, and add time to your week by changing your lifestyle through reducing your impact on the environment.
AND she can fit a years worth of trash in a single mason jar!
Some topics from this show:
• What is Zero-Waste and the Zero-Waste lifestyle?
• How to NOT be an annoying environmentalist
• How to change your lifestyle most efficiently
• Stop protesting and make your life better
• Go beyond being a consumer

Maybe a clenched fist covered with a condom could be the sign of the 'Mover-Lovin' ' trash talk resistance?-)
Although I guess that would be kind of a dumb idea, since condoms aren't biodegradable (unless you used the lamb made ones that don't protect you from STDs), which would only put Vegans off joining.
F#ck that idea, I guess?-)

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