" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 11, 2017

Could Cannabis Save My Mind, But Wreck My Lungs?

My father died  of Alzheimer's Disease (well he was dying of it until pneumonia took him out) and my mother is being treated for advanced lung cancer right now (but seems stable at the moment while on a new experimental drug program being run at her hospital) and she has never smoked anything in her life.
So, owning half the genes of both makes me wonder where my future lay when it comes to my eventual demise.
I don't like the prospect of either of those deaths, and while I did smoke lightly for about a year, I gave it away months ago.
But now I see this article about cannabis in the news - 
Could cannabis reverse the aging process in the brain?
"New European research on animals suggests that cannabis could help reverse the aging process in the brain, opening up the possibility that the drug could be used in the treatment of dementia."
I'm always hearing how cigarette smoking is a deadly habit (and I know it is), but that smoking dope is totally safe (which I don't believe at all).
Mind you (pardon the Freudian slip/pun) given the choice between losing my mind and screwing my lungs, I think I will pick the latter.
But I don't feel the habit won't effect my lungs either, after reading the book and seeing the movie 'Wild', where Cheryl Strayed couldn't understand why her mother died of lung cancer, while never smoking a cigarette in her life, but being a regular weed smoker.
Decisions, decisions?
Why do we have to rely on drugs so much in this world of ours?
I'm gonna go and mull it over while I have my morning coffee.
It's all food for thought, I think;-)
Coffee and the Siren's Song

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