" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 19, 2017

The Night of the Undergods/dogs

I wrote that the next Sharks' game will be against the
Gold Coast Titans on the Gold Coast in this post from a couple of weeks ago -
And as you can see from the photo of the field above that it may as well have been played underwater.
You probably thought the Sharks would have taken to those conditions better than a bunch of Titans.
But no, my team the Sharks, even though they were favorites on the night got drowned. 
There wasn't much for us Shark supporters to cheer about, apart from a few consolation tires near the end of the match, which took the zero under the team's name off the scoreboard:-(
Is that a football field, or a swimming pool?
At one point in the game the guy next to me was yelling BOMB at his phone over and over again and it took me a few seconds to realize that he was yelling BOM into his phone to get his phone's voice recognition to take him to the Bureau of Meteorology website so he could check the weather forecast.
I told him that it probably wasn't a good idea to keep yelling out BOM in a crowded football stadium if he didn't want security to kick him out of the stadium and then it finally dawned on him just what he was saying.
Being a Sharks supporter since I was 14 years-old (I'm now 52) I'm used to being on the wrong end of a belting.
But what really annoyed me on the night was the Shark "fans" who started leaving 13 minutes before the end of the game.
Notice I wrote "fans" and not "supporters"?
If we had Aquaman in the team line-up that night we might have won.
I you can't take losing, don't bother coming to the game I say.
Like fellow long-term Sharks supporter Brendan Cowell wrote just before the grand final last year -
"Not sure if you have noticed of late but brand new Sharks fans are coming out of the woodwork.
Like some kind of lifelong sympathy case, people are texting me saying 'Hey buddy, I'm on the Sharks!' like we should be grateful as long-termers.

...New bandwagon believers are not what we need because we have come this far without them."
Brendan Cowell
And I agree.
Unless you have a "legitimate" excuse like Mark Wahlberg taking his sick kid home when his team was being belted in this year's Superbowl final (and then miraculously winning it), then don't bother to turn up in the first place, if you aren't prepared to cop a loss on the chin.
Patriots' Day?
And to those Gold Coast Titan supporters who turned up on the night I applaud you all, because you guys are what footy spirit is all about.
You Titan supporters probably thought you were going to cop the belting that we did, so you guys are true supporters.
And for the Sharks supporters who stayed till the final hooter I applaud you, too, as that's what it is all about, no matter how unpleasant it feels.
"67 is a bitch"(quote from James Joyce's novel 'Ulysses')
Rant over...for now anyway.
"67 is a bitch";-)
Brendan, Rose and the Sharkies
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