" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 29, 2017

The Book Angel (of Death?) and the Shadow Side of Life?

On Thursday morning before I wrote the post -
The Meaning and Meaninglessness of Life (Part 1)
and since I was about to be moving house once more, I decided to go through my four bookcases and weed out the books that I probably wouldn't read again in my lifetime.
The books that I decided to send to a secondhand bookstore, so other book-lovers could read them, rather than the books staying on my bookshelves, were the ones pictured right at the top of this post.
A lot of those books were quite good reads except for some of the "how to" books, which I didn't really feel helped me at all.
As far as I was concerned it was like reading a book about how to drive when you had already been driving on life's highways for years without having any major accidents and seemingly doing just fine driving the way you had developed your own driving skills.
I'm sure there are "experts" on life's highway driving that could tell me how to drive a bit better, but a lot of the authors of these books never seem to do much driving themselves I've noticed and just seem to be riding the bus on life's highway.
I'm over books that tell me "how I could do anything", how to flow, or what "purpose" my life has, but maybe other readers will find them helpful.
And while I used to see 11:11 quite a bit on clocks (and lately am noticing it quite often again) I've read nothing that really gives me a satisfying explanation for the eerie phenomena.
The book pictured in the bottom right-hand corner in the photo above is worth a read if you have ever felt the eeriness of noticing, or having your attention being drawn to 11:11 on clocks on a regular basis.
Some books like the one above I couldn't give away, even though I doubt if I would read it again.
Some books just have too much sentimental value and I find hard to let go of at this point.
I noticed some books on my bookshelf that I had bought years ago and not yet read that grabbed my attention and one was
Allison DuBois's book 'We Are Their Heaven'.
For some reason I felt I should make an effort to read it soon.
I bought Allison's book a few years back when Patricia Arquette (who shares the same birth-date, April 8th, with my father) came to my attention through Andras Jones' 'Radio8Ball' show -
Did the "Pop Oracle" Forecast Patricia Arquette's Success in the Movie "Boyhood" Back in 2010?
Patricia has green eyes as well, I notice;-)
I put the book back on my bookshelf thinking that I should read it soon and then just went ahead weeding the books that I didn't want on my shelves anymore, so I could make way for the new books that I was going to be buying soon.
I also came across a book on Taoism which I had forgotten about, but felt I should read soon, too.
When I had pulled all the books out of my bookcases that were headed to the secondhand bookstore, I had gaps like the one pictured above all over the place in the bookcases.
One of the books I gave away was a book called
'The Science of Life After Death' and it had a monarch butterfly on the front cover that caught my eye and I thought about the association that people make between the butterfly's life cycle and death.
I had no intention of getting any books at the secondhand bookshop I was dropping the books off at, as I have enough unread books to last me for years, but as I was standing at the counter of the bookstore waiting for the lady who runs the store to come to the counter I noticed Allison DuBois' book 'Secrets of the Monarch' staring back at me.
I thought this was a bizarre "coincidence", but I really didn't want to buy the book.
A thought occurred to me that I should just ask the lady who was coming to the counter if I could exchange my box of books for this one book, even though I was just going to give them to her for nothing anyway.
I thought it was a fair enough deal and so did the lady.
Rationally, I didn't really want to read a book about monarch butterflies, which have gotten a bad rap with the CIA's MK Ultra programs being associated with monarch butterflies.
But my gut feeling was that I had to read this now.
And I have started to read it.
Now here is the weird thing the biggest gap in my bookcases was the one pictured above and I really had paid no conscious attention to the books around that gap, apart from the book on Taoism.
The rest had all been randomly arranged on the bookcase since my last move that I made over a year ago.
As I was writing this post the day after I had sent the books to the shop -
Giant Rabbit Death on Airplane While Going to the Fair?
I heard a crash behind me and turned around to see my book about the movie 'Donnie Darko' had fallen over onto a metal tin.
This kind of freaked me out since the post I was writing about involved the rabbit pictured on the book cover that was now laying perfectly flat on a tin keeping the book on Taoism from falling over.
I'm not making this up either, I swear.
But it was also the books surrounding this book in the bookcase that got my attention.
Opposite the book on Taoism was a book by Jung and further along there was a book about the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang in Australia called 'Angels of Death', which I've had for years and not yet read.
After thinking how bizarre that a book about the same dark rabbit I was writing about in that post should get my attention I placed it back in the shelf and continued writing my post and not long after that I saw this news story -
Ohio fair tragedy: One dead, more fighting for life after amusement park ride breaks apart
and had to modify my post to include this freak fun fair accident.
I've often heard of "book angels" presenting a book to your attention by falling out of a bookcase to your feet, or some kind of scenario like that, but now I was wondering if the "book angel of death" wasn't throwing a book out to get my attention of an event that was about to happen.
Probably all just a coincidence right?-)
I'll have more to write about reading Allison's book in a future post, as long as the "book angel of death" doesn't come to collect overdue library fees from my past. :-)


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