" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 27, 2017

27 is KING in the Loser's Club?

"27 is a number that often becomes associated with this story.
This film was released 27 years after the original 1990 television mini-series.
In the book, it is mentioned that "IT" returns to Derry approximately every 27 years.
Jonathan Brandis, who played young Bill in the original film, died at 27 years old."
The long list of stars who strangely died at age 27
Jonathan Brandis dead at 27
 Anton Yelchin star of  King's 'Hearts in Atlantis', dead at 27
The Deeply Odd Synchromystic Life and Death of Anton Yelchin
"'IT' was released one month after Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise) 27th birthday.
The official US release date is 9/8/2017. 9+8+2+0+1+7 = 27."
"Although he says his character is not a psycho, Bill Skarsgård made a very deep research into the "psycho universe" to find his own way to perform Pennywise.
He got inspiration from "mainstream movies" such as The Shining (1980), and also from "underground movies" such as 
Walking After You (2016), starring Alan Miller, which is Skarsgård's favorite Brazilian actor."
Room 217? 2017?!
I've got to wonder if Stephen King hasn't tapped into the "Collective Unconscious" when he writes his novels.
Kubrik changed the room number to 237 in the movie version though
I would strongly urge you to read Jeff Kripal's books like
'Authors of the Impossible' to get what I mean with King's novels.
"The Duffer Brothers originally wanted to direct 'IT', but were overlooked as they were not "established" enough.
They went on to create Stranger Things (2016), which co-stars 
Finn Wolfhard (Richie) and pays homage to Stephen King."
October 27th, 2017?
"About six months before 'IT' was released, Stephen King (the author of the original novel) was shown a screening.
Afterwards, he said that the film exceeded his expectations and that the producers had done "a wonderful job.""
"Bill Skarsgård had admitted that he was so into his performance as Pennywise that he would have constant nightmares during production."
Now, those clown suits are really scary I think;-)
"Director Andy Muschietti confirmed that Bill Skarsgård spoke in Swedish sometimes while in character as Pennywise."
I hope he didn't use any four letter Swedish words like "IKEA", because I would find that rather traumatic having worked in that nightmare maze for a good portion of my younger life, for not quite 27 years;-)
Billy (Skarsgård)?
On a personal synch, I hate IKEA so much that I vowed never to go into an IKEA store for the rest of my life.
When I purchased my new townhouse and was ready to move in, the family who had been renting the place had left an IKEA Billy bookcase in the cupboard of which was to become my computer room.
They must have originally assembled the bookcase in the cupboard, because I couldn't get it out of there no matter what I tried ... which was probably why the b@$+@&?$ left it there.
So I took to it with a hammer and smashed it to pieces and placed it in the wheelie bin to take it to the dump where it belongs.
I found it good therapy in a way.
"Opening at 4,103 theaters in the United States, 'IT' has the widest opening R-rated release in cinema history, surpassing previous record holder Logan (2017), which opened at 4,071 theaters."
Ironically the store I worked at was in Logan City.
My cinema ticket to 'IT'
In Australia 'IT' was released on the 7th of September, not the 8th like the posters were advertising.
I saw IT the first day it came out in Australia.
"After just eight days in release, IT became the highest grossing September release of all-time."
Johnny Depp in 'Nightmare on Elm Street'
"Other actors who were rumored to play Pennywise included Johnny Depp, Tilda Swinton, Richard Armitage, Tom Hiddleston, Jackie Earle Haley, Jim Carrey, Kirk Acevedo, Willem DafoePaul Giamatti, Hugo Weaving, Doug Jones and Channing Tatum."
"The movie posters in the background mark the passage of time throughout the summer of 1989. June(Batman (1989)),
July(Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)), and August
(A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989))."
"The opening scene with Georgie takes place in October of 1988.
Donnie Darko (2001) also takes place in October of 1988.
In an early scene in Donnie Darko (2001), Donnie's Mom is seen reading the novel "IT.""
"Ben Hanscom and Beverly Marsh are shown bonding over a shared passion for New Kids on the Block. One of the band members, Donnie Wahlberg, starred in Dreamcatcher(2003),
another Stephen King adaptation set in Derry, Maine."
"The end of the novel leaves the fate of Pennywise ambiguous, and even the first line of the story hints that he may still be alive.
However, author Stephen King has sworn to never write about Pennywise again, claiming that the character is too scary, even for him."
A scene from 'The  Dark Tower'
"It, often capitalized as "IT", was the main antagonist in 
IT was an ancient entity that would awake about every 27 years in Derry, Maine to cause chaos and feed on people's fear.
Its choice victims are usually children.
IT claimed that it was an eternal demonic entity that was superior to all inhabitants on earth.
It was assumed to have come from the Macroverse where both 
The Turtle and The Other reside.
Its favorite form on Earth was Pennywise the Dancing Clown (a.k.a Robert Gray) and the closest and truest form was that of a gigantic spider.
From the spider "The Loser's Club" deduced that IT was female (based on ITs ability to reproduce)."
'It' Sequel set for September 2019
"Pennywise the evil clown is due back in theatres in less than two years. New Line and Warner Bros have set the "It" sequel for release on September 6, 2019."
Every Stephen King Movie That Connects to The Dark Tower


  1. Wow! I had no idea about this 27 and King. Megan sdaw the movie twice. We haven't seen it yet but will certainly see it now.

    I think King is one of those rare writers - like JK Rowling - who taps way into the collective when they write.

  2. You do know that you wrote that comment at 2:17 PM on the 27th of September, 2017, Trish?!
    Yes King is tapping deep into what Carl Jung would call the "Collective Unconscious", which is probably why his stories are so popular in the mainstream "waking world".

  3. Note the name of the lead actress, who plays Beverly in IT: Sophia Lillis