" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 10, 2017

Bridges from the Past to the Future?

I saw this photo in a local newspaper which I had thrown aside at the time and then read the story behind it about a week later.
Unfortunately it was too late for me to go see this show by then, as it had ended.
Indigenous trailblazer Woollarawarre Bennelong's story brought to life by Bangarra Dance Theatre
"Artistic director Stephen Page has taken on the story of the revered but controversial figure, Woollarawarre Bennelong.
"I'd been fascinated about Bennelong.

The company is 30 years old in a couple of years and I thought, let's go for an operatic form of a story and what a great character to meet that form," he says.
"I love Bennelong. He was around 25 when he was captured after the First Fleet arrived.

It's just sad he spent 25 years of his life in this experiment time warp."
Paying homage 'to that spirit'
Bennelong's was a remarkable but ultimately troubled life.

In 1789, when Governor Arthur Phillip was instructed to open dialogue with the Indigenous people, Bennelong was among the first local men to be kidnapped.
"He took on that role or responsibility of being the intermediary between his people and Governor Phillip," Matthew Doyle, cultural consultant for the production, says.

I've always wondered what the real story behind the Bennelong legend was all about since I met Russel Morris at the
Byron Bay Bluesfest in 2016 and bought his greatest hits album, as well as his 'Red Dirt/Red Heart' album, which features a song named 'Bennelong'.
I was actually playing a track from Russell's
'Red Dirt/Red Heart' album (Tiger Snake) in my car when I nearly got hit from behind and slammed into the back of a stationary bus just outside of Gosford.
I was lucky to get out of that situation with my car and life intact, unlike the two cars that had caused the highway pile-up.
I remember Russell's song 'Tiger Snake' playing on my iPod shuffle setting, as after the pile-up it came on again as the traffic was "crawling up the road like a tiger snake" for the next two hours.
The crash outside Gosford which nearly
claimed my car, as well.
Looking back now it is even more ironic that I was eventually heading for Tasmania, or as it was once called
Van Diemen's Land and that was the name of Russell's album before 'Red Dirt/Red Heart', but I didn't have that one on my iPod at the time.
Road Trip #2
I certainly crossed a lot of bridges on that trip and even drove past the Sydney Opera House, which sits on Bennelong Point.
And I drove over Australia's oldest bridge when I was in Tasmania, too.
Richmond Bridge, built in 1823 to 1825
I think we all need to be bridge builders in the future of this country, not literally, but metaphorically.
You can't get to the future without crossing bridges from the past.

UPDATE: September 11th, 2017
In a rather dark synchronicity on the subject of "bridges" I just read at the ABC website that one of the police officers killed in Florida was named Julie Bridges - 
As it happened: Hurricane Irma brings devastating winds, storm surges to Florida

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