" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 9, 2017

Local Heroes and What is a Hemsworth?

I was reading a post at 'The Secret Sun' blog titled
Let Me Tell You a Story: City of Sins
where 'Our Gods Wear Spandex' author Chris Knowles writes about growing up in the town of Braintree, the same town Mark Walhberg grew up in and about the underbelly of crime in that town and mainstream media's use of the slur "conspiracy theory".
Then I see a news story about a local hero who lives down the highway and filmed a lot of his next Thor movie in my home town of Brisbane, Australia.
Welcome to BrizVegas and Just Keep Calm and Carry On
The news story was titled "What is a Hemsworth"(?) (apparently not even half a Mark Wahlberg according to that newspaper article above) and was in my local paper the day I had read Chris Knowles's blog post about his local hero actor/singer
Mark Walhberg.
Thor in the Time of the Great Thaw?
Patriots' Day?
I wrote this old post a while back about the same local newspaper telling us about Matt's daughter getting stung in a visit to the Hemsworth's local beach -
The headline was titled "Roamin' Holiday", which I find amusing now, as I see Mark is producing a movie called 'The Roman', an origin story of Julius Caesar that envisions the future dictator as a young general in the Roman army in a rarely discussed period of his life.
Kidnapped by Cilician pirates and enslaved on their prison island, Caesar escapes with his men, and the decisions he makes during this time directly affect the political and social upheaval happening in Rome.
Kind of feels like the Empire never ended to me.
And there is a story about pedophiles in high places just about every week in our local paper, so it's not just happening in Braintree, it's a worldwide phenomena and it's not just a "conspiracy theory", either.
Where are the real heroes when you need them in these stormy times we live in?
I also saw the new movie 'IT' yesterday and there were
'New Kids on the Block' songs referenced in the movie, as well as the band and also the theme of child abuse from creepy family and community members of the town of Derry in the film.
Creeps are everywhere it seems these days and I'm not just talking clowns, either.
'It really kills business': Hot Stuff the Clown bemoans remake of Stephen King horror novel

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