" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 12, 2017

A Butterfly That I Felt Was Worth Crowing About

When I moved into my new townhouse and was placing my
lucky bamboo in its new spot on the kitchen bench I was wondering if I had done the right thing buying this townhouse and if it was a good investment and whether dad would have approved of my purchase.
My gut feeling was yes, but my rational mind kept thinking maybe I had made a mistake.
The next minute a black and white butterfly flew up to the window ledge and just kept slowly flapping its wings while it appeared to be staring right at me.
Symbolism and Meaning of Black Butterfly
I knew what butterfly visits like this meant, so that butterfly was quickly becoming more like the elephant just outside the room, as it was in no hurry to leave.
I had no idea what these black and white butterflies were called so I Googled "black and white butterfly+Brisbane" and found out they were called Common Crow Butterflies or the Oleander Butterfly.
The Common Crow or Oleander Butterfly
I was bowled over to find out these butterflies are called crows (they look more like magpies to me), as the crow I consider my main totem spirit animal.
A Crow, Six Snails and an Ant
Things Aren't Always What They Seem
The Crow Feather and the Willie Nelson Record?
As I write up this post I realize that dad passed away a year from tomorrow, so time and crow feathers do fly it seems.
The thing that I also like about the Common Crow Butterfly is that it comes out of a silver chrysalis, which looks like a mirror.
So far I have been in my new home for just over a week now and that is the only butterfly I have seen.
I was going to write about my lucky bamboo synchs also in this post, but I probably have enough for a stand alone post, but I will link it here when I write it up.

UPDATE: October 23rd, 2017
Lucky Bamboo/Lily and Dandelions
The Yin/Yang of the Cock and the Crow?
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?
Funny how the Crows won the first women's AFL final in the
Year of the Rooster/Cock and the Roosters NRL team won the pre-season Nines competition in the Year of the Rooster and now the Crows men's team could win the AFL grand final in 2017 and the Roosters could win the NRL final in 2017.
Now that really would give both teams something more to crow about in the year of the Rooster, wouldn't it?-)
Both of my teams are out of the finals, so I don't really care who wins the finals ... apart from the Broncos in the NRL.
I'll be cheering for any team who plays them.

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