" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 7, 2017

How Many Cartoon Bunnies Do You Need to Balance It All Out?

I was listening to the latest Rune Soup podcast about Gnosticism this morning and an expression Gordon used at around the 17 minute mark caught my attention and got me to thinking what it meant - "how many cartoon bunnies do you need to balance that out?"
So I did some Googling to shed some light on the saying and found this amusing little "mind in the gutter" news story -
An illustration of a bunny is sweeping the web, but can you see why everyone thinks it’s X-rated?
People were forced to drag their minds out of the gutter when they realised that the cuddly animal’s ‘legs’ were actually the edge of the sink (and the thing beside him is a towel to try his hands).
The cartoon bunny expression of Gordon's really caught my attention because when I moved into my new townhouse yesterday there was a picture hook on the wall next the front door and I wondered what picture I could hang there.
I decided my prize from the local paper of a framed cartoon for which I supplied the winning caption to the competition would make a good talking point, so I hung it there.
Further Down the Rabbit Hole?
Ten Billion Rabbits Down Under Down-Under?
Then at around the 18 and a half minute mark of the podcast Miguel Conner mentions some whacky theory I haven't heard about before that maybe the country I thought I lived in all my life may not exist at all, therefore neither do I, unless I'm a (very poorly paid) South American actor faking an Australian ascent.
Does Australia Even Exist?
Floryd instead reckons that the United Kingdom killed their convicts, rather than sent them to Australia…as our fair land is not real."
Hmm ... so if this young lady's theory about Australia is right then I now have a new existential question to ponder, "If I think I'm an Australian then do I really exist?"
You do know that 'The Matrix' was filmed in "Australia", don't you?
But that is another whole deep rabbit hole
The Wild Ride of Fiona Johnson in this Earthly Matrix?
There's a manhole in my backyard, forget the rabbit hole
I don't have any rabbit holes in my new backyard, but I do have a manhole near my garden, which I knew when I bought my new property and being a lazy gardener my plan was to rip out the ferns and make a zen garden with just white stones and rocks, but one thing I didn't realize when I bought the townhouse until today, before going off to the cinema to catch 'IT', which opened in "Australia" today, is that those ferns are hiding a 
storm water drain.
And I found this drain in my garden before going to see 'IT' today
And I definitely won't be planting any oranges and lemons in that garden with the drain in IT either.
You'll have to see 'IT' to get that last sentence I'm afraid ... and I am afraid now after seeing 'IT' and knowing that there is a 
storm water drain hidden in my fern garden.
That's all folks ... I hope.

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