" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 11, 2017

Electricity and the Other-side?

On the 31st of August, 2017 at 3:50 pm I had just put my lottery numbers on for the week in the new neighbourhood I was moving into on Monday and when I came out of the newsagent I saw a rainbow over the power-lines which actually run through my townhouse complex.
I thought that this was an auspicious sign, as in my home state of Queensland the rainbow is part of the Golden Casket lottery company's logo.
Of course a golden casket is also something you can be buried in, as well, so I thought that if there was a Trickster element in play here the sign might not be what I had hoped for.
I had forgotten it was Father's Day on that coming Sunday in Australia, as I no longer have a living father to buy a gift for, since he passed away in September last year.
Crystal Head Vodka, Father's Day and Death
It's also my birthday in the month of September, ten days after the date my father died on, so as I get older September doesn't exactly bring a smile to my face anymore.
I found this rather appropriate father's day wish 
with a street lamp in it from
 a Google search:-)
It wasn't until one of my boys text me (I hate text messages, why not ring me?) and asked if I wanted to go out for dinner on Sunday night with them that I realized it was Father's Day on Sunday and I had a heap of packing still to do before the removalists came on Monday.
I said to them yeah sure, but let's go somewhere local, as I was moving house on Monday and have to have everything ready to go by 11 am.
So we ended up going to an Indian restaurant in the same shopping complex the newsagent was in.
Urban Turban.
I couldn't help wondering if there was an Urban Turban in
Keith Urban's home town of Caboolture.
I'll have to ask my cousin, as she lives up there.
Maybe this restaurant chain should pipe Keith Urban songs over the speakers for more irony?-)
I'll put it to them next time I eat there.
The road to HELLyers is paved with good intentions?
My sons gave me a bottle of single malt whiskey from Tasmania called HELLyers Road with a picture of a seemingly "lonely guy" with a black dog following him down an endless road, which I had never heard of before, which seemed appropriate in a way since their mother walked out on me leaving me single now:-)
Thank God I've still somehow got a sense of humour and didn't apply Freudian psychology to the meaning behind their gift, as a black dog is a sign of suicidal depression following you around.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the gift tremendously, but whiskey isn't my drink, even though I recently found out through a DNA test that 18% of my genes are Irish (I LOVE Guinness though)
A scene from 'Twin Peaks: The Return' showing the power-lines
A scene from 'Twin Peaks: The Return' showing
the power-lines and a spirit crossing over
Now, the irony over this father's day dinner with my sons was I was going to show them the townhouse down the road that I own because of my father's own death and the selling of the family home, which my mother (who has lung cancer) gave us kids the money to buy our own "bricks and mortar" investments.
In other words once this nearly 53 year old crosses over this townhouse will be my son's to split between themselves.
The thing was on Father's Day those power-lines that I photographed the rainbow over were humming like the end credits of the new 'Twin Peaks' TV show where it throws the Lynch/Frost production logo up on the small screen, which is powered by electricity, by the way:-)
I had never heard the power-lines buzzing this loud before and wondered why they were making such a racket this Sunday night.
And when I drove down the road to show my boys my new digs that I was moving into the next day, they were in total darkness, as there was a blackout and there was no electricity to turn the lights on to show my boys my new living space.
They had to use the light on their iPhones to get some idea of my new place (thank you for that one Steve Job's, as much as I hate your invention).
I told them that we should pay a visit to their grandmother who lives about a half-mile down the road with my brother and WTF(?), their power was OK.
I thought is dad sending me a message here, being Father's Day and all and if so then what?
I have no idea of what to make of that rainbow message over the power lines, but I sure didn't win a cent in the lotto that week, but there was more weirdness when I moved in to my new purchase, but that's for another post.
A scene from 'Twin Peaks: The Return' 
Although not the post pictured above.

UPDATE: 12th September, 2017
Last night I won $16 by getting four numbers, plus a supplementary number (which is no good to get with just four numbers, unless you a playing a system entry) with those same numbers I have been playing for years.
Two more numbers and I would have won $1 000 000.

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