" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 22, 2017

Cherry on the Brain?

The Kinks 'Lola' playing on my radio
7:30pm Wednesday night
I was listening to the latest '42 Minutes' podcast on Wednesday -
Todd Stein: 2:22 - 42 Minutes 286
which was an interview with Todd Stein the writer of the movie '2:22' starring Teresa Palmer, who I've written about before -
Zombies Everywhere?
The Trip of a Lifetime at 42?
Canadian tennis champ survives brain surgery, stops in Cherry Valley on his walk across America
I was listening to this podcast and Todd comments on the taste of a cherry popsicle he was given right after he came out of his brain tumor operation and he loved the taste.
My first response was "yuck ... cherry flavour?".
I hate cherry flavoured food items, except real cherries and
'Cherry Ripe' chocolate bars.
Cherry flavoured cola reminds me of the taste of penicillin I was given by doctors as a kid and I'm allergic to penicillin ... it can kill me ... I found out later.
But after listening to Todd describe the taste of the cherry popsicle in the podcast I was shopping in my local supermarket and I came across a can of Coca-Cola's Cherry flavoured cola, which in Australia is as rare as finding a jar of Vegemite in a supermarket in the USA, I imagine.
I hadn't seen a tin of this stuff for sale in supermarkets for years, but it was in an imported foods isle which I rarely wander down and this day I happened to be looking for something that was eluding me on the shelves and I went down nearly every isle in the supermarket until I stumbled across the cherry cola.
The length of the You Tube of 'Lola' was 4:02 minutes
Ray Davies: “The world is at war. But it’s a war you can’t define. It’s cultural. It’s emotional
When I saw the can on the supermarket shelf I wondered if I should buy it and try the cherry flavoured cola one more time.
The song 'Lola' started to play in my head with the words "Lola/cherry cola" going around and around and I thought that I hadn't heard that song for a while, so I put it in my shopping basket and decided to take it home and drink it that night after cooking and eating my beef sausages I was going to eat that night for dinner.
And the weird thing was that as I was cooking my sausages that night I had the radio on a local radio station (4KQ) and as I was cooking the sausages The Kinks 'Lola' came on at around 7:30pm that night, so I grabbed the can out of the fridge and snapped a shot of the can next to my digital radio as a way to validate this synch the best way I could at the time.
"'Lola' was released in the United Kingdom on 12 June 1970, while in the United States it was released on 28 June 1970.
Commercially, the single reached number two on the
UK Singles Chart and number nine on the Billboard Hot 100.
Due to its controversial subject matter and use of the brand name Coca-Cola, the single received backlash and even bans in Britain and Australia.
The single version (mono) used the words "cherry cola" while the album version (stereo) uses the name "Coca-Cola".
The track has since become one of The Kinks' most iconic and popular songs, later being ranked number (42)2 on
"Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time""
"I met her in a club down in North Soho
Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola
See-O-L-A cola."
A cherry cola can from a flowing river treasure hunt/clean up?
River Cleanup in Dunsmuir Finds Vintage Shasta Cheery Cola Can
The elephant in the room here though is that Cola and popsicles along with a lot of other famous foods and beverages were "accidents" -
Off the record: Honoring accidental flavorful concoctions
"Like ice cream cones, tofu, beer, brandy, cheese puffs, Coca Cola, potato chips, Worcestershire sauce, chocolate chip cookies, corn flakes, Slurpees and yogurt, popsicles were a food of accident.
In 1905 Frank Epperson, an 11-year-old San Francisco resident, mixed up a cup of sugary powdered soda, water and fruit flavor on his front porch overnight.
Temperature that night dropped to record-breaking lows and the mixture, with the stir stick still in it, froze.
Seventeen years later after making the frozen fruit-flavored concoction for his family and friends and selling it around his neighborhood, Epperson introduced the treat to the public during a firemen’s ball.
It was such a hit that he began to make and sell this frozen sweet at Neptune Beach, an amusement park in Alameda.
By 1924 he applied for and received a patent for this “frozen confection of attractive appearance, which can be conveniently consumed without contamination by contact with the hand and without the need for a plate, spoon, fork or other implement” that he named the “Epsicle.”
Thanks to Epperson’s children the name didn’t stick.
They had always called the frosty treat “Pop’s ’Sicle” and begged him to change the name which, he ultimately did but spelled it “Popsicle.”
Today about 2 million Popsicles are sold and consumed.
The top-selling flavor is cherry."
"‘Welcome Home’ captures their infectious and energetic brand of punky pop, which is this time injected into swirling lovesick lyrics; “the verses of the song are about that psychedelic summer crush feeling that you get when you meet someone you like”.
“The Welcome Home field is also where you can pick magic mushrooms when they are in season, hence the marbles spinning in my mind,” the band tell Clash, citing the inspiration behind the song’s wildly colourful and sickly-sweet metaphors of “cherry cola”, “butter bean surprise” and “kaleidoscope perfection”, as intoxicating as the feeling described."
Canadian cherry season cut short by hot summer
"The Canadian cherry season became another victim of the 
hot summer that has plagued growers in western North America.
Yield was up over last year, however, as the main effects were the shortening of the season as well as smaller fruit sizes."
Industry Leader, Darren Cherry, Leads Advantis Corp. Into the Future
"NEWPORT BEACH, CA, Sep 19, 2017 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2017) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (otc pink:ADVT) announced that it has agreed with leading wholesale, marketing, and logistics expert, Darren Cherry, to take the helm as its new CEO.
Over the past decade, Cherry has been developing relationships in the cannabis industry by leading the marketing, wholesale, and logistics efforts of organizations looking to expand.
"I've spent the last several years developing wholesale and retail relationships within this industry," CEO, Darren Cherry, explains.
"I feel that I have pretty good pulse of this (cannabis) market.
I love that Advantis has already developed such loyal relationships with the superior products I've known them to have.
I'm lucky to have this opportunity, and I'm excited to hit the ground running with an immediate infusion of some new business."
Cherry says that several of his own clients, that he has developed independently over time, will be doing business with Advantis."
2 x 3 x 7 = 42
Apart from all of the cherry synchs flooding into my brain lately I've noticed that Teresa Palmer's movies feature a lot of synchromystic numbers, in fact in the movie 'I am Number Four' she plays number Six (2+2+2=6).
The weird thing about the synchronicities discussed about numbers in the '42 Minutes' podcast and Todd mentioning his father passing away while '2:22' was being filmed was that I saw an article in the September 13th, 2017 local paper about Teresa Palmer accepting an acting role to play Michelle Payne in 'Ride Like a Girl', the story of the first female jockey to ride a Melbourne Cup winner.
What a Payne!?
The weird thing is September 13th is the day my father passed away last year and he was a horse racing fan and would always tell me to follow the women jockeys coming through the last few years, but I never took any notice of his advice, because it was the form of the horse that I looked at first and then the jockey.
I've only really bet on the Melbourne Cup for the last ten years for a bit of fun on the day that stops a nation and if I had of taken his advice in 2015 I could have won a fair bit of money and I guess he would have too, but by then with his dementia kicking in he had lost interest in horse racing, as well as a lot of other things he used to have interest in, so he didn't have a bet that year and by the time the next Melbourne Cup came around he was dead.
Also the headlines on the front of the September 13th, 2017 paper that Teresa's story was in told of how homeowners were earning thousands of dollars a week because house prices were going up fast.
I had just moved into my new paid off townhouse the week before only because my mother sold the family house when my father passed away because it was too big for her and she gave most the money to us kids to buy a place of our own.
So I thought it was rather ironic to see those stories on the first anniversary of my father's passing.
How to Make Your Life Successful Just Like Billionaire Warren Buffett
"Buffett is an avid reader, a self-proclaimed bridge addict and an astoundingly generous philanthropist.
When he's not leading Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett is often found poring over an encyclopedia in favor of a tabloid, or downing a Coca-Cola cherry coke instead of a dirty martini."
Prince of Penzance (number 6) and Michelle Payne
Michelle won the 2015 Melbourne Cup on a horse called
Prince of Penzance and when you go to the
Wikipedia page for the horse you will see a picture of Michelle riding Prince of Penzance while winning the Gold Cup with a number six on the saddle-cloth.
As I wrote further up in this post, Teresa played 'Number Six' in the movie 'I am Number Four'.
I can't wait to see Teresa play Michelle in 'Ride Like a Girl', but I'm not so sure about watching '2:22', because the reviews at
Rotten Tomatoes for the film aren't real encouraging.
Maybe that should be Rotten Cherry Tomatoes?-)
But at a 13% splat rate, that's probably a number sign for me indicating that I should take a look at '2:22'.
If I don't like the movie I guess that's just gonna be bad luck for me then.
I thought I would throw in the Dale Cooper jackpot reference from 'Twin Peaks:The Return' and a six-pack of Coopers, as Coopers is the beer of South Australia, Teresa Palmer's home Australian state;-)
Palmer and Cooper?-)
And Kyle was born on 2/22?-)
Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being.
Halfheartedness does not reach into majesty. – Rumi

UPDATE: 25th September, 2017
This news story caught my eye this morning -
Sydney Airport: The highly skilled controllers
responded to the incident in a textbook way.
Sydney Airport delays: How air traffic controllers responded to the system fault
"If you had to imagine the worst possible occasion for an air traffic control system failure, today would have to be it.
Australia's busiest airport.
Monday morning.
Peak hour.
At the start of school holidays.
With systems down, aircraft movements virtually ground to a halt.
As one Qantas pilot said over the radio — "
it's like a ghost town".
One controller warned an Emirates pilot to be careful: "Emirates 412 I don't have a radar, so I'm not sure who's behind you."
The ABC has been told the fault causing the delays related to a flight planning system.
The information from this feeds into the radar picture on controllers' screens — and without it, they can't tell which plane is which.

Post code for Sydney airport? 2020!
Sydney Airport delays: How the 'total radar failure' sounded from the skies
Six-twenty-two? (Number 6?)

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