" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 24, 2017

Troy Hallam's AFL Simpsuns Logos

I saw this article the other day at the 4KQ radio site -
where Troy Hallam had Simpsonized all of the AFL logos ... and talk about a cross-pollination of Australian/American pop culture to make it funnier than watching a Collingwood flogging, (choose another team if you happen to be a Collingwood supporter for this exercise, unless you find your team getting flogged amusing like the rest of us do;-) ha-ha.
And don't worry all of you Collingwood fans out there about my little joke above at your expense, because being a Brisbane Lions supporter I know all too well about floggings, with the Lions finishing bottom of the table this year ... one position lower than last season ... but we'll be back for more come next season;-)
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?
And on AFL logos I also saw this cartoon below in a local Queensland newspaper, which was about the AFL encouraging people to vote YES on the gay marriage vote.
How Bill Leak would’ve laughed at the same-sex marriage debate
Growing up in Queensland where Rugby was the dominant football code when I went to school and played on the school teams I would get ribbed by my Rugby team mates when I would sometimes change codes for a season and play Australian Rules (I already played club soccer, as well during the year).
They would say things like "why do you want to go and play that gay sport?"
That was when the main Australian Rules competition was called the VFL (Victorian Football League).
It later became known as the AFL when it went Australia wide and became slandered as the GAYFL by Rugby followers that didn't like the game.
I'm straight, by the way, but I was never put off playing Aussie Rules and soccer by the gay slurs given to the game by school yard bullies.
So that cartoon in the paper sent me back in time to the good old days in QUEENSland were your sexuality was questioned by what football code you liked, or played.
I like all of them, but the NRL and AFL are my two favourites when it comes to watching and supporting the game.
I'll be voting YES, but I agree with John Elliott when he says,
"don't mix politics with sport".

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