" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 17, 2017

Cody Noconi of the Psilly Rabbits Podcast on whether entheogens and psychedelics lead to deep spirituality ... and whether the rug really does tie everything in the room together

I've personally never used psychedelics or entheogens in this life, not because I'm opposed to them, it's just that I have never had the opportunity to do them up to this point in my life.
The psychedelic pattern on my new Persian rug in my "living room"
Looks a rather magical rug to me, but I'm yet to take it for a test ride
I just bought a new rug for my new townhouse "living room" and like Lebowski says in the movie 'The Big Lebowski' I think the rug really does tie the room together..
My "living room"and the rug.
What's that psilly rabbit doing in my chair?-)
I actually bought the rug because I've heard these rug patterns are based on psychedelic drug trips and the images seen while on those kind of trips.
If not, I don't care, because I like the rug as a work of floor art and I really do think it ties the room together, Lebowski's view on his own rug aside.
The weird thing I noticed about my "Persian" rug though was that it was apparently made in Turkey, but was named "Roma" with a picture overlooking the Vatican's St. Peter's Square.
The thing that really got me about the rug's label though was the number under the bar-code 15917888
888 was the number on the number-plate of the first car I ever owned, albeit a peddle car my Nan bought for me and my brother, which was part of the earliest childhood memories I can still remember from growing up in my childhood home, which was recently sold and gave me the money to buy my own townhouse, which the rug is in now.
Of course the year I bought this new home was 2017 and the first cab number I can remember my father driving was #159 when he drove for a Greek cab owner, before dad bought a cab of his own to drive (424).
Also the word "Springwood" was important to me as I had been living in a suburb named Springwood for the last two years as a renter, but I no longer live there now.
The weird thing though was that just after I bought this trippy rug home I hear Gordon White on the 'Psychedelic Milk' podcast - 
Psychedelic Milk + Rune Soup
"Follow the white rabbit"?
And then I hear Alex interviewing a guy from the 'Psilly Rabbits' podcast over at Alex's Skeptico podcast site -
Cody Noconi, Can Entheogens Lead to Deep Spirituality? |360|
I bought the white stuffed rabbit as a play on the "follow the white rabbit" line from the movie 'The Matrix' a few Easters ago, plus the carrot on a stick metaphor for the working man chasing that elusive reward.
And it's good to have something to talk to when you live by yourself;-)
Only kidding, who needs a white rabbit to talk to when you are a schizophrenic, right Darren?
Only kidding again, I'm not a schizophrenic, no matter what Darren might tell you about us.
Only kidding again ... or am I?-)
You're probably thinking by now it's not a good idea for someone like me to be thinking about tripping out when I appear so mindf#cked already.
Point taken, I think I'll skip the drugs and just stare at my rug and have a few stiff drinks, while listening to podcasts about tripping out.
Who needs drugs when you have rugs, right?


  1. Gorgeous rug and congrats on the new townhouse!

  2. Thanks Trish and notice that I have placed the rug well away from the front door, so that I won't trip on it when going out into the "real world"?-)

  3. Some Persian rugs are supposed to have spirits woven into them. I have no idea how to talk to spirits woven into rugs, though.

  4. It is never too late to change the road you are on. Perhaps you can find some mushrooms to open the doors of perception. Shine forth brave souls, 87