" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 21, 2017

An Arrow, I Awake

Symbolic arrows have been coming at me from all directions lately in a synchronistic sense.
I've been listening to Sarah Blasko's album 'I Awake' since I bought a copy off her during the Byron Writers Festival and I have especially been listening to one of the songs off it, 'An Arrow' the past few days as my mind has turned to Zen and archery.
Although only in a mental sense, since I don't own a bow and arrow to physically practice with.
Funny thing was this morning I was reading this blog-post above about the new 'Tomb Raider' trailer while I was listening to
Sarah Blasko's 'An Arrow' and noticed the arrow flying through the 'Tomb Raider' title on the You Tube and poster for the movie.
The Light Between Oceans
I bought Sarah's album the night I saw her playing piano and singing songs for the show 'Bedtime Stories' at the
Byron Bay Community Centre on the Saturday night of the writers festival.
I went to see this show not because of Sarah being in it, but because John Safran was in it and last year his show at the BBCC was sold out before I could get a ticket and since I was staying down in 
Byron Bay for the weekend, I figured seeing this show would kill a Saturday night and give me an excuse to walk into town and look around.
It was lucky for me that John's show was sold out last year though, as I never would have gone to see Richard Clapton's show if John's show wasn't -
The Best Years of Our Lives?
Were my eyes deceiving me, or was that really
a storm-trooper on the streets of Byron?  
No, it was a storm-trooper alright and a few
dancing buddies attacking my wallet
Sarah Blasko singing in 'Bedtime Stories'
while John Safran and gang listen
John Safran on mike with Erik JensenJennifer Down
Hannah Kent listening on
I'm in the middle of John's new book at the moment, but since I didn't bring the book with me on Saturday night I got him to sign Sarah's CD cover.
His is the "I'm not Blasko!" signature pictured on the cover in the photo back up at the top of this post.
Sarah Blasko and Holly Throsby at
'The Music Makers' talk on the Sunday
Sarah's talk pictured above was the last talk I attended at the BWF for 2017 and with the arrow theme of this post I thought it was rather ironic now that one of the last photos I took was of the sun setting over a tee-pee that was on the festival grounds.
And one thing that I didn't know until writing this post was that I share the same birthday with Sarah, but I'm 12 years older.
Which means that we are both also Dragons.

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