" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 1, 2012

Cosmic Gnostic?

The pattern on my armchairs and sofa which I chose a few years ago.
Cosmic Gnostic??
The logo at Cosmic Gnostic that caught Alan's attention during a podcast at Cosmic Gnostic.
I was listening to a podcast between Alan Abbadessa Green and  
Mike Clelland at Mike's Hidden Experience blogspot;
Audio Conversation with Alan Abbadessa Green
and decided to checkout Alan's blog Look at All the Happy Creatures.
I wrote about my syncs with Alan here,
Look At All The Happy Creatures :-(  
I became a follower of Alan's blog since I felt cosmically guided by these synchronicities.
About a week later I saw he had done an audio conversation at Cosmic Gnostic with John Kale, who I had never heard of before.
So I went over to Cosmic Gnostic to hear what it was about.
It was a talk called, Talking Sync with Cosmic Gnostic.
Alan wrote on his blog about this interview, "Here's the image he uses as his Skype icon, so it was what I was looking at during our whole conversation:

I couldn't tell if I was gazing into the dark abyss or witnessing the flowering of creation. ...But, if I've learned anything this year, it's that those are two sides of the same coin -- And, that I am striving to find balance, "living on the edge" as it were, rather than getting caught up in dualistic thinking."
My sofa which was recovered by my choice of fabric. It used to be a green tartan colour.
I really enjoyed their conversation, although it seemed to be stumbling along at times, while they tried to catch their thoughts on the subject...which I can well relate to.
But I love how these two guys are caught in the same web of exploration on synchronicity as I am.
It reminds me of a talk that I just "happened" to catch at the Woodford Folk-fest on Wednesday.
I was going to give it a miss, but something told me I should go.
Then I got caught listening to a great Jazz/Blues band and thought,"no, I'll stay here and listen to these guys".
The catch was I would have to stay outside on the grass area, which I thought was OK.
Then I looked up and saw the sky was about to open up right over me.
So, I had to get to a venue that was under cover, so I headed over to where I first "felt" I should be.

Michael Williams

Indigenous Knowledge is Power 2.00pm - 3.00pm
Michael Williams   

You can  listen to the whole talk by clicking on the link below, because they were recording the session, fortunately enough.

I was still looking for a sign of confirmation that I was meant to be attending this talk, because I'm not Aboriginal. I'm a third/forth generation Australian of secular Jewish descent. Mainly coming from Germany, Denmark and England. Some of my cousins have Aboriginal blood, but not me, as far as I know. 

A Black Swan in flight hanging from the roof of "The Greehouse".

 I decided the sign I was to look for was a bird, since birds seem to be message bearers for me lately. There was a black swan hanging from the roof, but I thought that was a bit lame as bird message.

Michael walking onto the stage, but still no real bird sign.

I thought "come on, you'll have to do better than that for a bird message", then this guy with a bird on his shoulder walked in with his Aboriginal girlfriend and sat down diagonally in front of me.

The guy with the bird on his shoulder sitting diagonally opposite me.

OK synchronicity wins the day. I was going to stay anyway, because it was starting to rain and it was getting heavier. But now my ears were pricked and I knew I was meant to be here.

Once Micheal started talking, I had this distinct feeling that somehow my "spirit guide/self" (for want of a better expression) and his "spirit guide/self" had brought us together. This was a weird feeling, but he seemed tome to be looking right at me for the whole talk, like he had singled me out for some reason. I didn't feel uncomfortable about this at all, but it was a strange experience. If you can imagine Michael looking more or less, straight at you for this whole talk you'll get some feeling of the (spiritual) interchange. On a deep level I knew what he meant, but on a conscious level I feel as though I'm still half asleep. I'm very interested in shamanism and the spirituality of indigenous cultures the world over, but especially my fellow Australian indigenous brothers.  

After watching the movie The Last Wave and seeing what supposedly happens to initiated individuals, I could see how he wanted to tell me and the others what he was trying to say, but at the same time being careful not to reveal too much.

It was like a Freemason who wanted to share something which he thinks that you might have picked up on, but couldn't find out if you had until he reveled the secret to you. It was a catch 22 situation where he might of thought I knew something of his secret teachings, or wanted to, but he had to be careful how he approached the situation. I listened intently, but I had no conscious questions to ask him that day, so I didn't bother to follow up a meeting with him. I know where I can find him anyway, if I need to.

I think it is just more important at present to pass this talk and sync on to other world citizens through the world wide web and let synchronicity take it's course.

Apart from all the great music and souvenirs I took away on the day, I feel this was probably the most spiritual part of the day for me. And like Michael said - 

"if we take the time to explore then act upon, then do, and keep doing it...don't lose'll get there. It's not something that you can believe that you can understand...If you think you can understand it, then you have a lot of understanding to do".  

 More about the above movie Walkabout  (which I bought at Woodford) and some syncs involved with it, in another future post.

Update: 14th July 2013.

Michael Williams will be giving talks at this years Woodford Folk-festival.

I hope my finances pick up, so I can afford to be there this year.

Michael Williams

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