" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 7, 2012

True Love Will Find You In The End...Oh, and Take the BLUE Pill

My advice is "Take the Blue Pill !", if you want the real truth.
I regularly read over at Mike Clellend's Hidden Experience blog and there is a guy who comments under the name of  
"Red Pill Junkie" quite often.
I've seen The Matrix movies and while I'm not a huge fan, I do like the basic truths interwoven into the plot. 
But one thing I could never remember was which colour pill you were supposed to take to start your trip down the rabbit hole. 
It always surprises me when it turns out to be the RED pill, 
because to me it would be the BLUE pill.
"Red Pill Junkie" has always struck me 
(just my impression) 
as someone who would like to believe in the so called  
"Red Pill Ride", but can't,because he lives life predominately on the left side of his brain.
I on the other hand ( pun intended;- ) live it more from the right side of the brain.
Gut feelings are more important to me than some egg-head rationalization from a left brain perspective.
I see "Red Pill Junkie" and myself coming from two different directions and trying to find common ground in the middle...which is probably the best place to operate from anyway.

The more I thought about the pill colours the more I was convinced that the BLUE pill is the truth pill, not the RED pill. 
I was determined to write a post to prove my augment  right about the BLUE pill. 
So, I thought I would start my post with a shot of the famous RED pill / BLUE pill scene from The Matrix.
Which is the picture I settled on right at the top of this post. 
It was from a website called  
The Cards Speak -Beyond Poker
It wasn't a bad post either. 
I had to smile at the "Poker" analogy considering my own tagged on saying to the famous Einstein quote about dice.  
But things started getting weird when the words "Bee's Knees" caught my eye.
I was drinking a bottle of Beez Neez Beer while I was surfing the web.
This beer is not a common beer either.
It is more of a boutique beer that I picked up for Christmas at the local bottle-shop and had only purchased it for something to drink over Xmas.
So I had to read 
The Bee's Knees: The Internet and Daniel Johnston
I had never heard of Daniel Johnston before reading this post, where it was written 
"...sat spellbound watching this film about this beautiful, confused, tortured artist, and I was totally blown away."
Surely this guy is exaggerating, I thought.
So, I played the You Tube clip of 
And I was blown away also.
I don't know how many times I've played it since.
Below is an animation by Daniel, about losing his mind.
And some of these cover versions of this beautiful song.

After finding these clips I didn't care about the RED pill / BLUE pill post, because now I had something better to share with my readers.
A creative artist who was forced to swallow the psychiatrist's  
RED and BLUE pills to find "Reality"

No matter what colour pill you take... 
True Love Will Find You In The End ;- )

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