" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 26, 2012

Year of the Synchromystic Dragon (Part Three)

Bruce played Kato in
The Green Hornet
TV show in the 60's
Continued on from - 
Year of the Synchromystic Dragon
(Part Two) 
Bruce Lee's big break in the acting arena came from a talk he gave at Ed Parker's fighting tournament in California.
In the movie Dragon he has to prove his theory by taking on and defeating any opponent within 60 seconds.
The challenger who steps into the ring is the opponent he took on in the Star chamber type fight where he was supposed to have received his back injury, which in real life he got from lifting weights and crushing a disc in his spine.    
This fight never took place in
real life
, only in the movie
This fight above never took place in real life, but he did present his views to the fighters that were present at Ed Parker's tournament, which he had published in his book.
One of the guys involved in The Green Hornet TV show was in attendance at Ed Parker's and asked Bruce about playing a role in the show. 
That's how he got to play Kato.
In the You Tube clip below is the Green Hornet and Kato's guest appearance on the Batman TV show, where they fight Batman and Robin and the fight ends up a draw. 
Listen at the end when the credits are rolling and the announcer introduces the next show and mentions "the fish out of water story".
I also noticed Batman is a "Greenway Production", with a green beam leading to the bat-signal in the sky
Here's one for Christopher/Mercury's Messenger ... who is the guy that plays Commissioner Gordon?  
You probably know anyway, but I thought I would ask ... Neil Hamilton.
And right at the very last it says William Self (Will Self?)(Will I am?) in charge of production.
The Green Hornet ran for 26 episodes, then was cancelled. 
The shot below is a scene in the movie Dragon where the announcement is made to the cast and crew of the show by the guy that gave Bruce the role as Kato.
The real Shannon Lee singing
California Dreaming
The real Shannon Lee is really singing a cover version of  
The Mama's and Papa's hit song California Dreaming, which is interrupted to make the announcement about the cancellation of  
The Green Hornet TV show.
Also in this scene the actress playing Linda Lee tells Bruce she is pregnant  with their second child, which will be Shannon, who is singing California Dreaming in the background behind the two actors playing her parents.
Bruce isn't too worried about the show being cancelled because he thinks a new TV show starring him as the main character "Kane" will propel him to stardom.
And it will be a success, but not for Bruce.
It will rocket David Carradine to stardom instead.
Time has come to become a
silver screen star for Bruce;-)
Bruce will have to cross the abyss once more for his star vehicle to arrive out of the chaos and bring some order to his career, while attending his father's funeral in Hong Kong.
Tiger  vs  Dragon
We see him looking intensely at the painting of the tiger fighting the dragon, which we saw earlier on in the movie near the door to his gym.
He has to return to Hong Kong to attend his father's funeral.
We see him answering the phone just after he and Linda had sat down to see David Carradine walk on their TV screen, playing what Bruce thought would surely be his part in the show Kung-Fu
Bruce's father was a Chinese opera star, but he was also an opium smoker (which is not mentioned in the movie ... except by Rob Cohen in the audio commentary on the DVD) and was addicted to it
When Bruce is leaving Hong Kong to go back to The States, the black car with the AA2623 number-plate pulls up at the ferry terminal as the boat is pulling away from the dock and these Chinese movie producers jump aboard (without paying the ferryman;-) and offer Bruce a chance to become a star.
North Star?
In the audio commentary Rob Cohen says it was the
North Star ferry, but it says Man Shing, which might mean the same thing ... I don't know.
Oldest teak junk in Hong Kong, used in Dragon
According to the DVD commentary this red sailed junk is the oldest junk sailing in Hong Kong Harbour.
A party was thrown on it first day of filming in Hong Kong and just about everyone got seasick according to Rob.
The first film Bruce made was called The Big Boss in the States, but Fists of Fury in Asia.
 It was filmed in Thailand.
Then he made The Chinese Connection  AKA Fist of Fury.
 I like the music they were playing in the above clip ... but it is no 2001:A Space Odyssey;-)
Bruce getting literally carried
away with his first major success
In the movie Bruce is shown being carried on the shoulders of the grateful Hong Kong movie going public, who finally have a real star they can look up to. 
This is just more Hollywood myth making. 
While the movie was received well and made a star of Lee, this didn't happen.
That temple above and the crowd scenes were filmed in Macao, because according to Rob the Hong Kong authorities won't let you stop traffic to film movie scenes. 
Macao was a Portuguese province and Hong Kong was a British colony.
Maybe there is something to look into there ... I don't know?
But this scene looks like the Chinese version of Mecca to me.
 Rob says that he changed Raymond Chow's name in the film to Phillip Tan in honour of the Asian American author Amy Tan, who wrote the novels The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God's Wife.
The movie version of The Joy Luck Club would come out on
Mother's Day 1993, the same year as Dragon and the same year Brandon would die filming The Crow.
He was now a big star in Asia.
Bruce's silver Merc
But Hollywood would try to make him into a bigger star of the silver screen.
Interestingly, that last You Tube clip was a trailer for 
Return of the Dragon.
In the States the movie length was 88 minutes.
But in China it was called The Way of the Dragon and ran for 99 minutes.
Year of the Synchromystic Dragon 
(Part Four)


  1. Neil Hamilton, I did see that once when I was researching Commissioner Gordon? Pat Hingle played him in the Burton Batman films and I was researching him cause he has a missing finger on one of his hands.... I noticed it in an old Clint Eastwood movie he was in once years ago. i need to re-reserch that eventually..... Just like I did Jerry GarCIA, see what finger it is via the planets etc..... Moving on....

    PS "Dragons" Michael Tsarion says, the Dragon, least for males represents the Mother.....Maybe also that could mean on the Macro level the archetype of 'The Great Mother' or 'the Mother Goddess' of 'the Milky Way'???

    In Oriental Myth's the Tiger represents FEAR. have you seen my rainbow Tiger stuff? from Towson Baltimore? HERE

    PPS Here is a related sync via the Magick of Aleister Crowley..... The Fool Card and the Tiger symbol via Dionysus....
    SEE THE TIGER IN THE CARD? In regular decks like the Rider, it is a Dog there to remind the Fool of the real world etc.... In the Thoth deck this is the meaning "In the Crowley Thoth deck the Fool is represented by Dionysus. It's about giving birth to new forms from states of wonder and anticipation, rather then FEAR!!!! The Oriental symbol for fear is the TIGER ... The Tiger (FEAR) gnaws on Dionysus' leg, but Dionysus does not give into FEAR and LOOKS STRAIGHT AHEAD!"

    Will break this up into another comment.....

    1. I like Michael Tsarion.He was out here on the 27th Nov,
      but I couldn't get the day off work.
      I'm still miffed about it.I would have loved to have been there.
      Interesting about the Crowley Tarot cards.
      I've got a set of the Rider ones...more for looking at than using,but I've got to get a set of the Thoth one's as well.

  2. PS How did you forget this when speaking of BOATS and BRUCE LEE???

    'The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting'

    1. I had forgotten,but it all came back when viewing the clip.
      Thanks for jogging my memory.

  3. So I have to take work home with me almost everyday..... I had to take magazines to put in protective bags and boards yesterday and look what was in there.....


    Remember that interesting signature J.C. had that I sent you? with the Yin/Yang? Check out these two symbols Lee attached to his Autograph.... They are both different and "odd" to say the least..... i will let you interpret them if you feel the need....

    Signature 1

    Signature 2

    1. Interesting.
      The first signature I thought at first was an 8-ball,but on closer inspection I could see the "eight" wasn't joined at the top.
      They are interesting,but I really don't know what they represented to Bruce.

  4. One last thing.... if you want to communicate with his or Brandon's Spirit it is as simple as this..... Don't know if you are aware of this post or method of mine..... proven to work FOR ME from EXPERIENCES I HAVE ACTUALLY HAD!

    'How To: Contact the Dead via (AGED NUMBERS)'

    I would Imagine it would be nice if their two numbers were together or attached to a symbol you or even I for that matter connect to Bruce or Brandon......

    BRUCE = 32
    BRANDON = 28

    1. What I only found out the other day was that both Brandon and Bruce were both born in the Year of the Dragon.I knew about Bruce,but I thought Brandon would have been born too late in the year to be a dragon,but he was born right on the last day of the dragon year.

  5. Thanks for the links Chris.
    I'll check them out tonight.
    I'm not into communicating with spirits.
    If they want to send a message to me,fine.But I have no desire at this stage to go looking for contact.
    We all shine on...that's a fact.
    I don't need proof.I just follow the syncs.
    I seems to lead me to where I have to go in life.

  6. Green seems to be your color in this post (among many other words!) $, growth, flourishing...