" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 3, 2012

My Idea of Heaven

My idea of Heaven on Earth.
This story is part of a much larger story that I will post later, but I just wanted to comment on a story that was posted at Mike Perry's blog 67 Not Out of a girl whose story was told about what she thought Heaven looked like, after she had experienced a near death episode.
Near Death Experience In The Stars
Durdana's painting
This all happened in 1968. 
Twelve years later in 1980 the family moved to London, England where her story was featured on BBC television. 
The producer of the programme suggested that Durdana should try and paint what she had seen while when she was 'in the stars' .
That's one of the pictures (above) Mike was displaying at his blog. 
Durdana said that there were gardens with  
"Apples and grapes and pomegranates" in them.
My dream house at Byron Bay.
Now, it struck me as quite a coincidence that I should come over to Mike's blog and read this story not long after I had been fantasizing about a house that I had stumbled across, just in the area I would love to live in.
In just the right style I would like it in (Tuscan).
It's well out of my league, as far as houses go.
But it's one of my "if I could just win the lotto" fantasies.
It is truly my idea of Heaven on Earth.
The top picture I made as my computer background setting because that was my idea of Heaven.
Sitting out in the open under a grape vine and looking out to my favourite spot in my world - Byron Bay.
I wear a ring on my right middle finger 
with the inscription in Hebrew from Genesis 49:22 
Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine by a fountain; its branches run over the wall."
 Not that I am a religious person, but I like this line for some subconscious reason.
This is the blessing that Jacob bestowed upon Joseph, before his death supposedly. 
It is actually an ancient blessing of fertility and abundance.
The meaning of the expression "Ben Porat" is the son of a fertile tree, a tree that bears fruit.  The word "Ein" means a spring and "Shor" means a rampart". 
"Banot Tzeada Aley Shor" which means its branches run over the wall. 
Traditionally people use this phrase as a folk saying to ward off the evil eye, because Joseph was protected from the envy of all creatures.
Looking out to the Byron Bay Lighthouse.
 I love grapevines and lilies growing in ponds...this place has both.
It reminds me of another place I consider a slice of 
Heaven here on Earth, Sirromet Winery,
that I wrote about and showed pictures of here;
“The Twelfth Insight”?
Like I said, this is just a fraction of the story I wanted to post and have still got to post, I just thought I would share this detour on the path that Mike threw up at me with his story.
The key elements are all here, the same as the painting in a way.
Grapevine, lilies, water, gardens.
The only thing missing might be the  pomegranates.
But I had already thought about where the pomegranates would go, 
because I love these trees too.
So, while I don't have any recollections at this point as to what Heaven would look like, I thought it was mighty coincidental that  Durdana's idea and my idea of what Heaven would be like...even if mine is a Heaven on Earth...contained many of the same elements.
Time to wake up?
 As I said this is a part of a larger story involving what I feel was a message from beyond, presented as a dream to me, some time ago.
I will post it soon, as I try to put it into words and pictures...not easy to do, but I'll try. 
Here are some clues...
Update: Sept.28th, 2012
Someone has purchased my dream house and turned it into a bed and breakfast, so if you get the urge to travel to Byron Bay, you too can now spend some time in my idea of heaven -


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Your mind is a labyrinth, Daz. It's great that you made the house your screensaver. Seems like an excellent visualization! And what a gorgeous place.

Mike Perry said...

Like you I have my dream 'Heaven on Earth', a house overlooking a small bay here in Cornwall. Not sure if pomegranates would grow but apples and some varieties of grapes will. Good luck with the lotto! Thanks for the mention.