" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 30, 2012

The Aim of Darts?

Concentric rings...ripples...mandala???                   
I was reading a post at Mike Perry's blog  
Coincidence and Synchronicity called  
A Message From My Dead Father about his father's possessions, which Mike kept stored in a cupboard -  
"his old watch, cigarette case, penknife, wedding ring, darts, a tie and a few other trinkets all full of memories".
 Mike said,"Dad was always one for punctuality and often asked, 
"Do you know what time it is?" when I was a teenager either arriving home at night or getting up late in the morning.
Then I noticed the time where the hands of the watch had stopped and have remained ever since.
The time on the watch was exactly the time that my son had been born

The phrase,"Do you know what time it is?", the watch, the darts and the 3:20 time on the stopped watch, all struck me as very similar messages that were trying to thump me across the skull from many different syncs that have activated my internal  
"wake up, this is important" alarm clock.
Syncs can be multiple messages all wrapped into one, as I commented under his post.
I'm sure the initial syncs Mike mentioned were "winks" from his father saying,"I'm still here and I'm proud of all of you all"...but the darts, the watch...even the cigarette case could also be allegories.
For instance I had a vivid dream, which I have related on this blog about being pushed up a hill in a blue peddle car.
I knew this dream had multiple messages in it for me.
It was like a puzzle I had to solve for myself.
And I think I have done a pretty good job of it, so far, and it has taken over a year, but what a rich dream it has proven to be up to this point... and I'm sure that there is more, as well, to come from it. 
It made me take notice of all pale blue cars that would sync with me in various, quite miraculous ways.
One was the in the photo above, of a car from the movie Cars 2, which produced lots of syncs for me, many I have not yet talked about. 
This car sits on my CPU unit, it's name is "Finn McMissle" (Infinity?).
Finn is voiced by Micheal Caine in the movie and has the numberplate 314 FMCM.
3/14 or 14/3 is Micheal Caine's birth-date - 14th March, as well as Pi (3.14).
Anyway, you press an orange button and it says one of two messages,  

"Finn McMissle British Intelligence" or "Time is of the essence!".
As I wrote in the comment section of Mike's post, 
"this is the important one for us mortalsTIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.
But what is the essence of mortal time? Focus...or focal on a bulls-eye on a dartboard.
Without a focal point the game becomes hard to play...oh,and the bulls-eye isn't bad to hit.
Most players think that's the best place on the dartboard, but there are better targets on the board and the highest target is a score of triple twenty 3x20 (3:20).
The players in the know aim for this target, not the bulls-eye.
The secret to being a good darts player is to focus/relax (smokes?)/focus / finitum."
Photo of my miniature dartboard on my desk...but you need to FOCUS.
I bought this dartboard above from a shop that sells miniature dolls house furniture.
It spoke to me on some subconscious level, so I bought the little dartboard and stuck it on my desk, to use just as a mandala which would remind me to relax into the mandala and just be...and then to focus on the center, like my sights were fixed on the target...and then just relax into the mandala ripples again...and on and on.
The other day I was reading an article in Veritas magazine;
(wow!!!...I just clicked onto the Veritas magazine link and got hit by a massive sync I was going to post after this post, about Whitley Strieber's Communion book and movie) by Dr Amit Goswami where he was saying that we have to have focus in life, but we also have to take time to relax, meditate, and let go.
He called it DO, BE, DO, BE, DO and related it to the song  
Stranger's in the Night where Frank...or whoever ...would sing  
"DO, BE, DO, BE, DO".
I couldn't find Goswami on a video clip actually saying this, but I did find this interesting little song in the clip below.
Just look into the center of a dartboard and tell me that's not one of the best hidden mandalas in the Western world.
Next time you're in a Pub and the conversation is driving you up the wall...just focus on the bulls-eye and not the BS...and relax, while mentally singing to yourself  "DO, BE, DO, BE, DO";- )
"Time is of the essence!"


Mike Perry said...

You certainly opened my eyes following your comment on my blog about my father's watch. I'd got locked into thinking only about the 3:20 'coincidence' but now I see much more. Even the tie, symbolising our family ties - why would I have kept one of his ties in the first place?! Often 'things' it seems have a reason without it first being apparent.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Dart boards. When megan was liuttle 0 maybe 3 - we had a dart board on the inside of our bedroom door. She was playing with the darts one day and tossed a dart at the board - it ricocheted back and hit her in the crown of her head.

I was envisioning blood, stitches, the whole thing.But there was just a bit of blood. We plucked out the dart, dabbed the spot with antibiotic salve, and my friend said, "Wow, her seventh chakra has just been opened."

After that, she started sleeping thru the night- something she didn't do in the first two years of her life. What a weird memory to surface in relation to a dart board and I have no idea what, if anything, this has to do with your post!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It's funny you should mention this seventh chakra incident,because if the chakra system was a dartboard,Megan would have hit a triple 20 (3:20),which is the highest target on the board.
I've been reading a lot about the pineal gland being the bridge between the body and the spirit (rainbow bridge)
so this story of yours does make a connection on a synchronistic level.
Here's one site you can checkout,that I just found by Goggling "pineal gland+7th chakra" ;

Interesting to say the least.
Also I had noticed,but thought I wouldn't bother mentioning it,that on a dartboard the 3 is as "below" as you can go and the 20 is as "above" as you can get.
So, 3:20 when it comes to darts could be a shorthand way of saying "As above,so below" ?
Just a thought.-)

Mike Perry said...

Just been looking at that bag again. The tie brand name is St.Michael - me being Michael, of course - though far from being a saint.