" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 4, 2013

Climb Every Mountain?

Mount Beerwah, Queensland, Australia
Me and three friends on the top of Mt. Beerwah
"Mental" Syncs 
I was over at  the Reality Sandwich blog this morning and there was a link to this great site -
Not that I would ever want to do Everest, from all of the docos I've seen about climbing it.
But I was a bit of a weekend mountain climber in the past, so I can see the appeal of getting to the top, but I can also see the appeal of making it back to the bottom alive, as well.
Nothing like getting to the top ...
but watch your step
Mt. Beerwah
My favourite climbs were The Glasshouse Mountains and Wollumbin, or Mt Warning, as it's more commonly known.
Watching my mates climbing up Mt. Beerwah
Up in the overhang, Mt. Beerwah
Wait for me ... and stop throwing rocks at me;-)
Falling rocks are always a hazard on these climbs
Up in the overhang, Mt. Beerwah
Mt. Beerwah
Mt. Beerwah ...
one wrong step and you're dead ...
but it's fun
Mt. Beerwah
Looking up at the overhang, Mt. Beerwah
Mt. Tibrogargan
My favourite of the Glasshouse Mountains was always Tibrogargan, that is until I climbed it and nearly killed myself, mainly from heat exhaustion and dizziness. 
Tibrogargan is almost vertical in some parts
Mt. Tibrogargan
While this is not our group climbing Mt. Tibrogargan in the above clip, it will give you a real good idea of how we climbed it.
Now picture having heat exhaustion to the point of serve dizziness and having to climb down this hill.
Here's the view from the top of  Mt. Tibrogargan.
Mt. Tibrogargan ... going down
Looking through to Mt. Beerwah
Look at those pineapples. Yum!
Now we get to one of my favourites, Mount Warning  
(also known as Wollumbin)
It's the mountain seen in the movie Mental, but this one is more of a walk than a climb.
"Mental" Syncs
Mount Warning
Mount Warning from another angle
The only climbing is done right at the top, and there is a chain to haul your a#se up to the top if you feel that you need it.
Mount Warning
Mount Warning ... the last bit before the top
Mount Warning ... not far now.
 Unfortunately, I can't find any photos of us up at the top, and we've done this mountain twice already, so I'm going to have to go back up a third time and bring back some snaps to show you all. 
Any excuse to go back up there again is alright by me;-)
MT.WARNING;-) A bit of bad language in the above clip ... but don't blame me, I didn't shoot it.
Again, not my clip, but this will give you an idea of what the walk/climb is like.
Mt. Everest
I have to say that I can see why mountain climbing can become addictive, but as far as Mt. Everest goes, I have to say that I'm not into heroin;-)
Maybe next life? 
Mt. Everest I mean, not the heroin;-)

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