" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 13, 2013

Reflections And Shadows

I've been working through the exercises in the book  
Inner Excavation
and in the above photo was doing the 
Mirrored Faces exercise.
You were asked to take a picture of yourself in a mirror, where the instructions were -
TASK: Take photos while looking in a mirror.
NOTES: Consider the various mirrors you have around your home and experiment with several of them.
The words several and mirrors sent my mind to the lyrics of one of my favourite songs by Darren Hanlon about being caught between two mirrors and being caught in a view that went on forever...and ever.
Caught my son in the mirror probably thinking the old boy has lost it ;-)
 As I've written in previous posts -
With Eyes Wide Open 
Doppelgänger Bloggers?  
this book is a real eye opener to creativity.
Not to mention synchronicity for me as well.
Look Both Ways...where have I heard that before?
Look Both Ways
Sarah Watt (30 August 1958 – 4 November 2011)
A promo for Life's Too Short.
Life's Too Short...But Here's A Big Little Sync About It;-)
Unknown maker
(Italian or American)
Mirror (one of a pair)
Early 19th century
Red pine, paint, and gilding, The Rienzi
Collection, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harris
Masterson III, 96.1355.1.
Honorable Mention
Donna Pauley (Manvel, TX) 
Mirror Mirror 
What faces have been reflected in this glass?
The artisan, of course, his smug visage
admiring his own handiwork of
carved red pine and gilded paint
as he first hung it on the wall,
his wife smoothing a dark errant curl
slipping loose from her elegant comb,
his young son standing on tippy-toe to find
his brown eyes looking back in surprise.
Countless other faces in the ensuing years:
grave gentlemen straightening their collars,
pretty girls making moues with their soft pink mouths,
grand dames silently aghast at what the
passing years have done to their images,
and then,
the delighted O of the curator’s mouth
as she unpacks the splendid piece of art,
the admiring glances of the museum patrons
as they tuck hands deep in pockets
resisting the urge to reach out and touch
the intricately carved cornucopia.
Reflections in my eye.
In the exercise before this one -
TASK: Grab your camera and head out on a photo exploration to discover places your shadow and reflection appear.
Let's rock, blockhead ;-)
 I headed out to the pool area for this exercise, as there was plenty of sun there yesterday.
A rock as a bathing cap in the pool area? How lucky is that?
Water, my body's main ingredient.
Deep reflections along with some deep shadows that were following me around.
Be like water? 
water: a practice, a companion, a teacher
 When I had snapped all the outdoor shots, the next section instructed me to 
"Find A Poem For This Day".
TASK: Find a poem that evokes an internal reaction.
Write about this reaction.
House with little stone men on the lawn?
The instructions in the book said go to your bookshelf if you have some poetry books and select a poem. I had a copy of 
Charles Bukowski's Come On In on the shelf that I bought years ago, but have not read. 
And since I had just taken all my shots in the pool area of my house  
Come On In seemed to be the right book for this exercise, I thought.
My eyes watch from the wall!?
Don't just look both ways, look every way ;-)
Life of Pi...rate?
Above are all the paintings on my study wall.
"Plenty of room for us all, sucker"!?
My miniature lollipops sitting above my computer screen.
 After all the rocks I used with my shadows in the above shots, I settled on a poem of Bukowski's called Like A Rock.
 Reminds me of a song I used to sing once.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Ok, I'm exhausted. But wow, this journey of yours isn't justg about synchros - it's about how you ATTRACT them. You're a magnet, Daz.

Mike Perry said...

What a trail you discover. I'm going to take a look for this book. I (nearly)always carry a camera with me when I go out. It somehow makes me more involved and interested in what I see - a part of the whole.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Great little book that makes you look inwards and outwards at the same time.
I must say that I didn't do the scrap-booking exercises,but I did the poetry and photography exercises,as you saw and it was a life changing experience.
I've finished reading the book,but I will continue to pursue things I've learned from reading it.
You would like it Mike,I'm sure,and I think Karin might as well.
I got it from Amazon with a few other books on creativity about a year ago,but it is still for sale there,if you can't find it locally.

John King said...

Has the old boy lost it? I think you're only just starting! ;)