" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 21, 2013

Professor Brian Josephson

Professor Brian Josephson
 When reading Sync mention was made of an interesting character who I had not heard of before.
Professor Brian Josephson is a physicist who had won a noble prize in his early career then eventually left to devote his life to studying the paranormal.
Interview with Brian D. Josephson (16 minutes)
 I found some interesting videos to watch at Brian's You Tube channel -
Brian Josephson's You Tube Channel
 Professor Josephson even writes some pretty calming music at his My Space page -
Brian Josephson's My Space Page
 Miranda Josephson singing with a folk group called  
Just Plain Myrtle.
In the above clip they are singing Bad Moon Rising with Jim Kelly.

The " Tombstone Shadow " Dark Sync

Talking of death and Bad Moon Rising,
I saw John Fogerty sing Bad Moon Rising on the Easter Monday, and when I got home that night I found out a lady died on the Easter Saturday, just before his show kicked off.
I wondered why security seemed so nice to us concert goers up the front offering us bottled water if we needed some.
It only made sense to me why when I read about the lady's death at the Saturday night show on Tuesday morning.
John Fogerty on stage and my son to my left at Bluesfest 2012.
"A 49-year-old fan of John Fogerty, getting ready to see his performance, died just a few minutes before the singer was about to take to the stage.
The unnamed woman was attending the Byron Bay Bluesfest — where she was a regular according to festival venue manager Brendan Meek — and suffered a heart attack. 
Although paramedics rushed to resuscitate her, they were not able to.
Fogerty’s two-hour show went ahead, although the 67-year-old rocker took the stage approximately 20 minutes later than scheduled due to this unfortunate incident. 
Meek reported that the loss “has really hit everybody hard,” although he finds some solace in the fact that “she was at a place she loved. 
She came to Bluesfest every year.” "


Mike Perry said...

I've never heard of Professor Brian Josephson previously. I've only glanced at the first video but it's interesting stuff. Will have to take time out to watch them all properly. Thanks for the links etc.

Mike Perry said...

Got round to listening to Bad Moon Rising. Haven't heard of the group before but know the pub in Lostwithiel where the video was shot - about nine miles from where I live. Must look out for Just Plain Myrtle. Thanks!