" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 17, 2013

Life is a Boxcar

I finally think that I've got the message of the dream I had nearly two years ago, and it's taken a bit of steering from the universe, and on my part to get there.
 Not long after my father-in law (John) died I had the most vivid dream that he was pushing me up a steep hill in a pale blue boxcar with large silver/white wheels. 
The closest image I could find to the shape, colour and wheels was the picture at the top of this post. 
It didn't have a number on it like the one above, but it wasn't lost on me seeing the number 42 on the above image.
Blue Cars Too
The colour and wheels I felt to be an important part of this dream for some reason, and it drove me bonkers trying to find an image of a car like the one in my dream. 
At the time of my dream 42 wouldn't have meant as much to me as it does now, because I hadn't learned of the 42 degrees of the rainbow analogy and all the other 42 references to life.
So, I finally feel the search for my image is over and the meaning has become apparent.
This is how I was sitting on the car in my dream.
 In the dream I was as old as I am now and way too big for the boxcar and had to sit like the clown on the car in the above picture.
Green Volkswagen on the Synchronicity Roundabout
 My father-in-law (John) looked so real that I woke up thinking, "but you're dead".
It took me a while for that thought to sink in.
Anyway, he pushed me to the top of the hill and then let me go to coast down the hill and into the driveway of a house that seemed to be a combination of my childhood home and a future home.
Whatever the house was it felt like home to me in some way.
Oddly enough,this morning when I was looking for pictures of Bangalow billy-carts I found this one, #12.
My childhood house number was 12.
Take a look at the 23 second mark of the above You Tube clip To see a blue billy-cart race past.
I was born on the 23rd, oddly enough.
Bangalow, NSW, Australia
Bangalow is one of my favourite towns in Australia and it holds an annual Billy-cart Derby every year in May. 
I've walked up and down both sides of this main street a few times, but I have never been in town when the Billy-cart Derby is on.
I had been thinking of naming my first son Kevin and when I saw this church that was it.
I've written about Bangalow on this blog before -
Kevin From Bangalow 
and how I named my son Kevin after seeing this church at the top of Bangalow, while on Honeymoon.
Kevin is also John's grandchild, so there is a bit of a connection here to the town and my dream.
The owl trinket my son and I found on a Magical Mystery Tour.
I've also written about owl syncs on this blog too -
The Owl(d) School?
The latest book that I'm reading which is about synchrony, and not synchronicity, led me to a very significant series of syncs strangely enough.  
Fireflies Sync
It led me to the above song by Owl City called Fireflies.
Which led me to this song called Umbrella Beach.
Which is about a boy building a boxcar to run down a hill and take flight to another destination.
My dream was all starting to come together for me.
The lyrics "underwater Ferris Wheel" in Umbrella Beach got me listening and watching closely to the music clip.
 Since my blog was named after the John Lennon song about watching wheels and I also have that picture of the Ferris Wheel that I took at the Brisbane Exhibition one year on my sidebar, I really took notice of these syncs.
 I'm also reading Steve Pavlina's book (above) and read this passage in it this morning -
 " With truth, love, and power on your side, you work with the natural flow of life instead of struggling against it.
This doesn't mean that life becomes effortless.
It means that your efforts are well positioned to produce the desired results.
Flow isn't a passive state.
It doesn't mean letting go and simply allowing your life to happen to you, as if you're gently floating down a stream being pulled along by the current.
That isn't intelligent behavior .
If you live like that you'll get washed out to sea....
 Flow is a state of action. 
...When you maintain the state of flow- real flow that is, not the fairy-tale version - 
it will feel as if there's powerful energy working through you, lovingly supporting you, and driving you onward.
You know for sure that you are on the right track as you make progress toward something meaningful and important.
What inspires you the most isn't the achievement  of any particular goal; 
it's the endless flow of creative self-expression.
You fall in love with the journey itself."
 The above clip is 42 seconds long!?
 So, that seems to be the message of the dream that my dead father-in-law (or my subconscious for you doubters out there;-) 
Life is a one way journey and while you need to plan and steer your way through it, remember to enjoy the journey as well. 
 Because you never know when it could end.
"You fall in love with the journey itself"
Steve Pavlina. 
"Not the destination...that's only the goal.
Real enjoyment is to be found in every moment along the way downhill."
Darren B ;-) 
Bangalow Billy Cart Derby

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