" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 15, 2013

Bad Feng Shui?

Burning Umbrellas???
I was flicking through the Feng Shui magazine I had bought,
007 on the cover with no umbrella?
 and on the morning of the Grammys (they were held on Monday morning Australian time) 
I was reading a section called "Eight Auspicious Signs..." and one of the auspicious signs was a parasol.
"The parasol is the sign of protection and is often associated with the number (00)7, as it offers protection from war, violence and harmful people ... In Chinese Feng Shuithe umbrella has always been a symbol of protection."
Now, I'm not one who believes in the principles of Feng Shui, I just bought the magazine because I love the artwork in Feng Shui, like that beautiful money tree on the cover.
But I could imagine superstitious people the world over gasping in horror seeing Taylor Swift having an open burning umbrella on stage while she was singing the intro act.
Is that a big Mickey Mouse head with red ears?-)
Not to mention some of the conspiracy crowd seeing the above shot as a homage to Disney mind control programming. 
And with open umbrellas to boot ;-)
The magazine also says -
"The wheel symbolizes the good fortune of having wisdom that reveals the true nature of reality, bringing happiness and bliss."
So, I guess in the end it sort of balances out as far as Feng Shui signs go;-)
Then again, not even a week later this happens -
Meteor shower in Russia on Valentine's Day ... or close enough?
And what's the song playing on the radio as it is streaking across the sky?

New shots with Leona Lewis

"The emergency ministry described Friday's events as a  
"meteor shower in the form of fireballs" 
and said background radiation levels were normal. 
It urged residents not to panic."
Russian panic as meteor shower rains down 
I guess it could have been worse, this song could have been on the radio;-)
P.S. I was going to do a post about Feng Shui and superstition before the meteor stole my thunder, so to speak, but I must say that in the end this magazine is just a catalogue to sell 
Feng Shui trinkets to remedy the "Bad Luck" in your life.
While I do like some of those trinkets as works of art to have around the home, they have about as much power as a sugar pill.
I also thought having the Skyfall cast on the cover was another coincidence, since the first week of the Year of the Snake we get a sky-fall.

Update: 16th Feb, 2013
Dialogue: "I thought this movie was supposed to be in 3-D" 
(then the flying object crashes through the screen)
"In development since 2007, the animated movie  
Escape From Planet Earth is finally set to be released in American theatres today -- on the same day a meteor crashes down in Russia, and the so-called "largest close-call" asteroid buzzes by the planet. 
Escape from planet Earth, indeed."
"Escape From Planet Earth" Finally Released as Asteroids & Meteors Buzz The Planet
Drudge Report headline for 2/15
 Thanks to Pop Culture Keys blog for that additional info.
Can it get any weirder than all this?
Oh ... also take a look at the 1:35 minute mark of this clip of Owl City's song from the movie Escape From Planet Earth -
 Doesn't the spaceship look a bit like the fish Nemo from  
Finding Nemo, and what was that last big snow storm called?-)
Nemo spelled backwards is omen.


  1. Very strange things are happening, indeed!
    Stars are falling, religious leaders are falling, political leaders are falling, Olympians are falling.
    We need those umbrellas...

  2. We definitely need those umbrellas. Interesting sequence here, Daz.