" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 27, 2013

James and the Giant Peach Syncs

Well, I must say that when I watched this movie years ago it meant nothing to me, in fact, the only reason I bought the DVD was because Susan Sarandon voices the spider and I've had a few syncs with her movies, which have continued with the movie  
Jeff, Who Lives at Home.
Susan Sarandon voices the spider
Susan also voiced the narration of this (above) short animation 
called Little Miss Spider.
Paul Terry as James
Interestingly, Paul Terry who plays James in the movie  
announced he'd never act again after he got bitten 
in the spider scene in James and the Giant Peach
So far, he has kept his word.
James and the Giant Peach is a story written by Roald Dahl, who also wrote the stories
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Fantastic Mr Fox
The Witches

Death and legacy

Dahl's stories are like dreams ... and probably make as much sense, but I think he has tapped into something that Jung would call the Collective Unconscious while writing his stories.
Maybe that's what the appeal of his stories are for the readers who enjoys his work?
Synchronicity is all about the timing of meaningful coincidences and are truly impossible to plan on a human level.
They seem to be accidents ... but are they?
For instance, take this recent story of a man in the States 
who hit $7,000,000 by following subtle ques in his "imagination" -
Pennies From Heaven?   
 " A Michigan man who played penny slots after his friend's funeral Friday hit a $7.2 million progressive jackpot at the Palace Casino.
Tyler Morris of Montague won $7,217,175.15 playing The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship, said Lisa Quirch, Palace Casino advertising and PR manager.
Morris typically plays craps, but felt compelled to try his luck on the penny slot machine in memory of a friend whose funeral he'd attended earlier in the day, she said.
Morris' friend enjoyed playing penny slots at the Palace, so chose to go there, Quirch said.
He hit the jackpot between 10 and 10:30 p.m.
"Tyler said he felt his friend was watching over him and had blessed him with the big win," said said. "
Was this just a case of incredible luck and coincidence, or is there 
something deeper at play here? 
I know what I would wager my money on;-)
For instance, I saw this story the other day on a news internet site -
2.5m Gulls Needed to Lift James's Giant Peach 
Which prompted  me to write this post -
James and the Seagulls and Turtles
And seeing Susan in Jeff, Who Lives at Home
gave me the feeling that I really need to watch 
James and the Giant Peach ASAP.
So I did ... and the timing was perfect in many ways for syncs.
The Storm and Rhinos?
The Storm (as a symbol) seems to be an idea that has really come to the fore of the Collective Unconscious of the world population at the moment.
And of course, scenes like the above have bought the idea further into the spotlight.
Not to mention super storms like Sandy hitting Gotham City (NY).
I have been writing about storm syncs for about 6 months or more on this blog.
And the latest one was about the Melbourne Storm 
(champions from Oz) 
beating the Leeds Rhinos in England to become the raining ... I mean reigning World Champions of Rugby League.
Manta Ray Feeding Frenzy Caused by Storm
 In the movie (I haven't read any of Dahl's books) the
Rhino is a storm that took James' parents away from him, which is why he had to live with his terrible aunts.
So, the Rhino is not a real Rhino, but a storm in James's imagination.
The peach only grew because the magician gave James
magic Crocodile tongues.
Magic crocodile tongues?
The magic crocodile tongue himself
was born on
Feb 22nd
The Storm beat the Rhinos to become
 World Champs
Feb 22nd
An enormous peach only grows because a magic croc tongue gets onto a bud on a barren peach tree. 
The peach becomes the whole vehicle for the story,
pardon the pun;-)
The real live boy in the movie becomes an animated boy 
after swallowing a croc tongue, too. 
Australia (Oz) Zoo
Australia O(o)z ... I mean Zoo.
Being an Aussie myself I was glad to see The Storm win over the Rhinos, but I'm not a fan of the Storm.
Go the Sharkies!!!
I'm a Cronulla Sharks life member.  Go the Sharkies!!!
And being a shark fan I liked how the character sliding down 
the cable refers to the shark as sharkie.
Which is what we Sharks fans refer to our team as -
The Sharkies
Unfortunately, the shark blows up in the movie ...
a bit like every season before the final for us Sharkie fans;-)
Alright, no need to bring out the violin, I'll stop crying about the Sharks.
Writing about violins it was a violin ornament involving 
Susan Sarandon that made me want to investigate 
her film catalogue .
Grey Alien?
 Another thing that just struck me that I had forgotten about was that I was at Whitley Strieber's site reading his blog and listening to this beautiful piece -
 before going to over and reading Trish's post about ornaments.
Whitley wrote the novel The Hunger,
which Susan starred in when Hollywood made the film version. 
 Bowie was also in Nicolas Roeg's The Man Who Fell to Earth.
Which kind of reminds me of a more recent theme in the movies lately.
Skyfall Sync?

Nicolas Roeg

I must confess that Nic Roeg is one of my top ten 
favourite directors of all time and I loved Skyfall 
(not that Roeg made Skyfall).
I don't like most of the other James Bond films though.
I've never been much for Bond films. 
 Nic also made one of Dahl's books into a movie.
James starts his journey by launching a 'water bomb' powered by a candle.
When he saves the spider and is releasing it at the water's edge
the magician presents his balloon back to him filled with magic 
crocodile tongues just after James makes his wish.
The magician tells James to use his heart instead of his head.
When James goes inside the peach for his transformation, it reminded me of this scene from  
Close Encounters of the Third Kind -
Which may not have been Dahl's idea, but I'm not so sure about Burton, as he seems to have a theme running through his movies -



The movie certainly does have an alien abduction type theme to it, either way.  
Interestingly also is when the peach is rolling down the hill 
and gets propelled from hitting a grotto containing the 
Virgin Maryand on to the church's steeple, where it gets stuck momentarily until it continues it's roll down the hill, scaring a crowing rooster off a fence before hitting the ocean on it's voyage to New York. 
That is until they all end up adrift in the Arctic circle somewhere.

Derelict Cruise Ship M/V Lyubov Orlova Spotted

Which reminds me of this news story doing the rounds at the moment.
M/V Lyubov Orlova, via
Lilpop, Rau & Loewenstein in Antarctica,
17 Feb 2010
The strange saga of MV Lyubov Orlova 
"Once known for Antarctic cruises, the ship made headlines after it was abandoned dockside in St. John's, Newfoundland and then became a floating derelict in the North Atlantic Ocean in 2013"

Lyubov Orlova

Lyubov Petrovna Orlova who the Russian ship was named after 
was a Russian movie actress who died on 26 January 1975,
which would have been Australia Day of that year.
The Golden Compass? 
Jack Skelington?
Then the gang all go in search of a compass to get them out of the frozen wasteland.
It has a Golden Compass look to it too.
While fighting the ghost skeletons a riddle is asked.
Q. Why don't you see skeletons in church?
A. Because they don't have any organs. 


Just after the sandman like ghost sprinkles them with fairy dust/sand and they can see New York City, the storm charges them in the form of the Rhino, destroying the peach ... almost.
I know this isn't the real Norway Spiral, but it will do.
When James lands on top of the Empire State building in the peach,
the croc tongue falls out of his mouth and he crawls up the 'wormhole' and out of the peach
I couldn't believe how the shape of the croc tongues looked like 
the blue spiral, only green.
Then the biggest crane in New York is called on to get James and
the peach down.
No, not that one;-)
Yes, that one.
At the end of the movie James introduces all his friends to the citizens of  New York, a bit like disclosure you might say?
Anyway, something to think about next time you watch
James and the Giant Peach;-)
And don't forget to watch the part included right at the end, after all of the boring credits have passed.  
I'll just say one word - "Bulls-eye".
Flipside of the Dartboard


  1. I have to say one thing about Sarandon. She and my first editor were close friends. When he was dying from AIDS, she paid for a private nurse to stay with Chris. She's not only a dynamite actress and activist, she's kind.