" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 14, 2013

Alice Dreaming

I originally wrote about Ned Manning in in this post -
Manning and Malthouse and The Dead End (Drive-in)
Ned Manning is the star
Dead End Drive-In
The first talk I ever attended at my first  
Byron Bay Writers Festival (2011) was called, 
Creating Words for Physical Space and it involved Ned Manning.
He is the star of a grind-house  movie called Dead End Drive-In,
which coincidentally ran for 88 minutes (see post below).
Which reminds me in some way of this more recent movie with the imagery at least.
Ned only had a book called Alice Dreaming for sale at the BBWF and it didn't really look like something I would read, as it was basically a play for secondary school kids.

I didn't bother buying a copy in 2011, but in 2012 Ned was there again at the BBWF.
Jessica Watson at the BBWF
Jessica Watson, Ned Manning and
Paul Carter at BBWF 2012
I've had a few syncs with Ned's appearance since the year before, so I decided maybe this is a sign that I should have bought his book from the year before?
So I did, but I didn't get around to reading it until last Monday.
I had just finished reading a book and thought that it would be good to read something light.
I was looking at my "To Read" books and while I was trying to figure out which one to choose
I noticed that someone had just read my Ned Manning post on my blog.
So that was the sign I was after and I took Alice Dreaming out of the pile and started reading while watching the Grammys 
(Monday morning in Australia).
Scene one - A Prison of the Mind.
Ned explains that his play is inspired by Through the Looking Glass and The Wizard of Oz.
"Taylor in Wonderland"?
...or Disneyland?
 At the end of each scene in the book, there is a "Discussion Points",
"Activities" and "References" section.
Click on picture to make bigger
 At the end of this scene in the "References" section was 
Taylor Swift (American Country Singer)!?!
And also the movie Bend it Like Beckham.
Accidental Initiations
Checkout the above link for a good Bend it Like Beckham synch.
 Also in the "References" section was a mention of the movie 
The Year My Voice Broke.
The sequel to this movie was Flirting starring Nicole Kidman, who was also front row at the Grammys.
Nicole Kidman at the Grammys
wearing red shoes
Ned also mentions Kasey Chambers  
(Australian country singer-songwriter)
The monkey I bought at
Kasey Chambers' concert

Number Signs?

The UFO Monkey Puzzle  
In scene two "a drain" is where Alice escapes into a sewer pipe.
Freedom at Last After 24+Years
Ned references Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare
and James Bond.
Skyfall Sync? 
Scene three is called "The Sea", where Alice meets the Albatross which appears on the cover of the book.
This character is meant to be her Guardian Angel, sent to rescue her and show her the way.
Ned references the song "Botany Bay (above) and 
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (below).
For another weird synchfest involving me and another blogger over Coleridge click on this link -
Synchronicity Starts With Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The Iron Maiden Commentary
Scene four is "A Rainforest", where Ned references Steve Irwin and a song called, If a Tree Falls.

Koala Dreamtime

If a Tree Falls by Bruce Cockburn.
Scene five is titled "The Road", with references made to the movie Wolf Creek!!??
 The Wizard of Oz and Wake in Fright are also mentioned.
Scene six is called " A Desert" with nothing much to mention here.
Scene seven is titled "A Beach", with references to Marilyn Monroe
 Surf Magazines, Ancient Greek sculpture ,and the Beach Boys 1963 album Surfer Girl .
Page 77 of Alice Dreaming.
The Sync Hole?
Scene eight is called A Child Care Centre, which references
Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes
A Monocled Monk Swimming  
Click the above link for another sync involving Frank's brother, myself and Paulo Coelho.
"Mental" Syncs
Click the above link for a sync between PJ Hogan the director of  Muriel's Wedding and Mental and my own syncs.
 Scene nine,"A Fun Park".
When I saw the next picture I nearly fell off my chair, and then I read the opening paragraph of the scene.
Click on picture to make it bigger
The picture of mine that I use on this blog.
Top right-hand corner of screen.
With reference to both Luna Parks, Melbourne and Sydney.
 Oh, today is the 14th Feb, too. (see above You Tube)
My star sign
Scene ten is titled "A Courtroom" and reference is made to 
Pink's song Stupid Girls.
Scene eleven is "The Coast" and references  Ghostbusters and a song called Pollution by Tom Lehrer, which was written in '67 .
You might say this was a
target destination
in the play
Scene twelve is just called "Canberra", which is the capital city of Oz (Australia).
Reference is made to John Lennon's song Imagine.
Scene 13 doesn't even have a title.
It's the last scene in the play where the albatross gets killed by shooters and Alice becomes the albatross, by taking the wings of the albatross and flying off.
Some references here are Alice's Adventure in Wonderland and the movies Thirteen and Somersault.
"Paul then tells how "Tom White" was up for 13 AFI nominations in 2004, but lost them all to a movie starring Sam Worthington form"Avatar",and Abbe Cornish from "Limitless" won all 13 awards.
It was a film called "Somersault".
"... And There's So Much Water So Close to Home" Paul Kelly
Animal Dreaming???
What a rabbit hole reading that book was for me.

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