" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 22, 2013

The Art of the Prisoner - Noe Sendas

This is my last artist review from the book Hell Bound.
The artist's name is Noe Sendas and I almost wasn't going to mention him, because I didn't quite rationally get what he was saying with his art at first.
In the book Hell Bound there is only four pictures of his artwork, similar to the picture above, of mainly homeless people, or the picture below of bodies in suitcases.
I didn't quite get it at first, it seemed morbid and I had no idea of what it was he was trying to say with his art.
But something kept niggling at me to look further into his art and not dismiss it.
As it turned out for me his art was the key for me to unlock the whole book.
Essentially what he is saying (in my opinion anyway) is that every single living being on this planet ... or other planets for that matter, is a prisoner living out their sentence in a body ... which is the prison cell of the soul from birth..
It is essentially what the song Hotel California
and the TV show The Prisoner is about.
Whether we like the fact, or not, we are all prisoners to some degree. 
As souls (for those of us who believe we are more than just meat puppets) we are born into our cells at birth and we are sentenced to those cells for as long as the prison holds up.
You may realize that you are a prisoner, or you may not.
It doesn't matter, because however you cut it you are a prisoner while your soul is earthbound.
Doesn't really matter how you want to pass that time away, either, because you are still a prisoner trapped in your earthly cell.
This picture is not part
Noe's artwork
Doesn't matter how rich and powerful you are either, because you to are stuck here to serve out your sentence just like the rest of us.
This piece is not Noe's either,
but it goes with
the theme
Some prisoners will obliviously try to control the other prisoners on this prison planet in the illusion that they can make their sentence here a little easier on themselves while living in their own prisons.
Not Noe's either ... sorry
Some prisoners will try to control the resources that the other prisoners need to maintain their own structures to survive in their prisons, by trying to monopolize resources for profit. 
Not Noe's either
Doesn't change the prison game though, you're still a soul, if you like, trapped in a body trying to survive.
And while some of our fellow prisoners can be ruthless in their quest to control the prison, it doesn't change the fact that even they are prisoners, too.
You are and always will be a prisoner to a certain degree while you serve out your time on this planet, whether you carry a stamp on your body, or not.
You can try and escape your prison by using drugs or going shopping for nice things that make your stay in prison a little more comfortable, but it won't solve the problem of being trapped in a body that is heading for life's gallows.
The smart ones that see no point to prison life, or the ones who can't take the sentence they were handed outthink suicide will make for early parole ... but will it?
As tempting a solution as that may seem to be, maybe the cosmic judge will just sentence you all over again to a harsher sentence?
Usually, prisoners are given a sentence to think over their crimes.
Maybe that's what Noe's art is showing us ... that we are here to reflect on our sentence, take a look around and see what other crimes we may be committing against our fellow prisoners on this planet and realize that we are all serving time on this planet.
Some people may appear to be more of a prisoner than others, but don't kid yourself, because we are all just prisoners serving out a sentence, no matter how comfortable that cell looks to us.
So, what's the purpose of it all?
To realize that you are not the meat puppet you see in the mirror and to free your soul by thinking for yourself and listening to the inner wisdom beyond the prison walls.
Not Noe's art
Noe Sendas
This isn't Noe's either
Isn't that what art and life is all about?
Not Noe's
Finding what rings true to you?
 Anyway, time to pick out another book from my reading list;-)


  1. I don't know what happened to my comment. But here's the gist: I love this guy's art!!

  2. Just exactly the way I've feeling. While so many are looking at others and pointing fingers, we are all fallen, lost and stuck. I feel we chose this. We wanted to live, but "live" backwards is "evil". Like we all were sold and bought a lie and have to live it out through regeneration until the time of completion to see the results of that choice. This life is the big a way.

    Not sure what I'm trying to say but, great post!

  3. @Trish
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    It's just to stop spammers and clowns leaving messages that I don't know about.