" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 18, 2013

Oscar Sync

Great synchromystic pick up by Jake Kotze with his Twit-pic -
The Bridge Gate  
"Owen Wilson plays Oscar in Armageddon
He thinks he is Han Solo aka Harrison Ford aka Blade Runner.  
Pistorius' nickname is Blade Runner & Armageddon is about Meteors & Asteroids, all making news this week."
Bruce Willis star also of Armageddon
I'm listening to Jake now on Episode 38 of Always Record, and it's pretty good so far.
 Looking at Jake's Twitter icon 
and the latest post at The Sync Whole,
Purple Jesus Sync
I couldn't help thinking about this post of mine -
Baltimore Ravens Omen?
Winners of the 2012 NRL Grand Final
The Melbourne Storm
Is that a fish flash in "Back to the Future"?
Is "Back to the Future" a Film About the Knight's Templars and Their Fight with Rome?
"My Lord! Is he wearing Prada?-)"
Update: 18th Feb 2013 11:11am  
(I'm not kidding about the time either)
Melbourne crane operator killed in fall.
A crane operator has been killed in a fall at a construction site in Melbourne's CBD this morning.
The 59-year-old man was a crane driver and is believed to have fallen 35 metres from scaffolding at the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Streets around 7:00am (AEDT).
Several workers reportedly went to his aid but were unable to resuscitate him.
The construction workers' union says the man was a well-known and much-loved workmate.
Workers at the scene of the accident and at other Grocon sites across Melbourne have stopped work as a sign of respect for the dead man. "
Melbourne crane operator killed in fall  
I have already written in previous posts about my crane sync with Jake Kotze -
Crane Sync with Jake Kotze?
This upside down SA looks like 42 in the reflection
 of this washroom
sink faucet at work
The Tree/Crane Sync
Skyfall Sync?


  1. Wow, the pope actually wears red shoes?? This is a great sequence of weird synchros!

  2. @Trish

    And what about Mike Perry's slipper post from yesterday ?-)

    You just can't make this stuff up,no matter what size the slipper.

  3. Of course! Mike's slipper post. This is a disturbing synchro about the crane/cranes. And you're right, it's impossible to make this stuff up.

  4. Yes, see what you mean! And you mention the year of the snake - I have just finished a post about this (to be published on Friday) - though I have wandered off on the post to a secret society featuring the snake.

  5. HI, I was thinking of putting together a post along similar lines to this one, but I won't bother as you've said it all here! It's funny how many of us are seeing the same things now!


  6. Diggit Darren! These sync webs were also in my periphary a bit this weekend as well. Year of the Snake is very cool time fore sure. Peace in!

  7. Hi Darren

    Agreed - definitely something very weird going on with the movies .

    Frank (Merovee)