" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 26, 2013

What is Synchronicity? - The Movie

I was looking for synchronicity blogs on Google and stumbled across a site by David Strabala who is trying to get a feature length film made on synchronicity starring people like Tim Freke and Dean Raddin -
Synchronicity: The GPS of the universe?
David has already made a short 10-minute film What Is Synchronicity: Tracks in the Dark?
But hopes to expand it into a feature film.
" The 10-minute documentary short film, 'What Is Synchronicity: Tracks in the Dark?' serves as a set-up piece and one of several threads for the upcoming documentary feature, 'What Is Synchronicity?' 
The project explores the significance of 'synchronicity,' coined by psychiatrist C.G. Jung to describe random, meaningful coincidences. 
This may be the first documentary film on synchronicity
Linked to invisible realities, synchronicity is hard to embrace in conventional ways. 
Yet the diverse cast of authors, artists, clergy, scientists and others shed light that could reveal surprising new meaning for our lives. 
Given that Jung said synchronistic events are more frequent during transitions, today's global challenges may make this film quite timely. 
First-time director David Strabala has 30 years' experience as a journalist/psychotherapist."
What Is Synchronicity: Tracks in the Dark?
Looks kind of interesting, but a little bit bland as far as far as synchronicities go.
Still, it's a subject that needs to be brought more into the mainstream and this is probably the way to go, but I'm more into the Jake Kotze, Steve Wilner school of jaw dropping sync film making, where you come away scratching your head thinking WTF is going on in this strange world of coincidence

UPDATE: 2017
What Is Synchronicity?

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