" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 19, 2013

The Stranger

I've just read The Stranger by Albert Camus today and I couldn't help thinking of two of my favourite musicians as I was reading it - Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen.
Billy Joel obviously comes to mind with his album and single of the same name, but why Bruce, you might ask me?
The Stranger ...
is that Bruce Springsteen on the cover???


My souvenir from the
1985 Brisbane Concert
 Funny thing is Bruce is playing Brisbane again in March 2013.
 One of the last lines of The Stranger was,
" I opened myself to the benign indifference of the world. 
Finding it so much like myself—so like a brother, really—I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy again"
Which sounds very much like a line out of the above movie The Tree.
The Tree 
A little bit of plagiarism going on in the script of The Tree, maybe?
 I remember seeing Billy Joel play Brisbane not long after he split with Christie Brinkley and I remember saying to my wife that we'll know he is hurting if he ends the concert with 
Only the Good Die Young ... which he did.
 And as I've said before on this blog Bruce and I were both born on the 23rd September.

Update: 20th Feb, 2013. 
Albert Camus
For those who were wondering who the photo was on the cover of  
The Stranger, it was of course Albert Camus himself 
(who doesn't look like Springsteen once you can see his high forehead) and not just any old stranger;-)


  1. Fascinating. You made me realize I should re-read the stranger. I haven't read it in year. Are you going to see springsteen when he's in your part of the world? We saw him only once at the gym this winter.

  2. Sigmund Freud died on 23rd September. Strange pic of Sprinsteen here.