" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 7, 2013

Sue de Beer: Alien Art?

Still from The Ghosts, 2011
by Sue de Beer
Sue de Beer is another artist whose work is featured in the 
book Hell Bound.
Still from Black Sun
What struck me about Sue's art, apart from the real violent stuff was (what seemed to me anyway) an alien type subtext running through it.

Creep Show | Sue de Beer’s ‘Haunt Room

Depiction of a Star Obscured by Another Figure
"In Depiction of a Star Obscured by Another Figure, de Beer invokes ideas of a never experienced memory, a theme she has threaded throughout her previous work. 
To quote one of de Beer’s early characters from her film Hans & Grete, 2002; 
“Sometimes, you remember places you have never been, or people you have never met.” 
In this exhibition, the artist for the first time emphasizes sculpture independent of her video installation. 
De Beer here examines the surface of the projection screen as a space through which one may explore reflection and memory as well as dreams and hallucinations. 
The screen itself may act as a blank, a void for such activations and projections."
Permanent Revolution
From a piece called ‘Black Sun, Willy Rachow’, 
a film that was shown inside a ‘sculptural version’
of a haunted house
Still from Black Sun
Sue de Beer
Sue de Beer's Ring of Trees.
 Well, you know what I think, so I'll let you be the judge for yourself.

UPDATE: 8th Feb, 2013.
Permanent Revolution,
Gas Mask,
 My crazy ass-uke playing blogging buddy 
(payback is a bitch ... as they say;-)
King Uke from the UK(e)
The Invisibles: Say you want a revolution (1996)
King Mob? King Uke?
The Invisibles, Veritigo 1996
wrote a post about reading Grant Morison's The Invisibles and all the syncs surrounding him reading it.
I haven't read it, but I gather he doesn't want to see another Grant Morrison book again by his review.
Cosmic ball of s#!+ ?
He asked the question 
"On the Triple-B I'm going to wonder what the 3 characters 
with gasmasks had to do with anything?"
The Invisibles, Vertigo 1996
 Of the above cartoon panel from The Invisibles he said,
"These guys were great... but I'm not sure who
they were or what they were doing...

Permanent Revolution 2007.
Sue de Beer.
 I have no idea KU, but maybe  
Sue de Beer has, as she has a few gas masks in her work, too.
Maybe she thinks Morrison's The Invisibles stinks as well ;-)
And maybe Morrison's panel with King MOB is a message to you King to "mind own business" when it comes to reviewing his books?-)

Sue de Beer
Permanent Revolution, 2007
I had this Sue de Beer post up before your post about Morrison, so take this as another weird coincidence, and I see Sue has included a Lego head type guy in the same series of work the gas men came out of.


  1. Wow, her art is incredible! She really plays with illusions and in a very creepy way. I wouldn't look at this stuff at night, when the wind is blowing. Love the one of the guy up against the ceiling.

  2. Definitely not art for the home.
    At least at the gallery you can leave the nightmares behind.

  3. Gas-masks at the ready! This might escalate into a blogging war of syncs! Let's hope so!