" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 12, 2013

Number Signs?

Lightning strikes near The Vatican on
the day of the Pope's announcement.
Loren Coleman wrote a post on the current Pope's resignation called,
"Will Next Pope Be Named Peter and the Last Pope?"
In the comments to that post Rob Sullivan wrote -
" The pope resigning on Feb. 28th made me look further into the significance of the date itself. I came across some strange coincidences.
According to Wikipedia, on Feb 28th, 1958 there was a historically fatal bus accident. 
In the following quote it cites one big coincidence bit it also has a few smaller ones as well. 
It states:  
"On a cold and cloudy morning, after a period of heavy rains and thaw, a Floyd County school bus loaded with 48 elementary and high school students bound for school at Prestonsburg on U.S. Route 23 struck the rear of a wrecker truck and plunged down an embankment and into the swollen waters of the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River, where it was swept downstream and submerged.
22 children escaped the bus in the first few minutes as it became fully submerged in the raging flood stage waters and made it safely out of the river. 

However, 26 other children and the bus driver drowned. 
National Guard and other authorities and agencies responded. 
The bus was finally located by Navy divers, and removed from the river 53 hours later.
As of May 2007, almost 50 years later, the 27 person death toll is tied with the Carrollton bus disaster in 1988 for the highest number of fatalities resulting from a bus accident. 

Both happened in Kentucky and in each, the victims were all thought to have survived the initial collisions, but were unable to safely evacuate the school-type buses afterwards."
How coincidental is that?
In 1958, 26 children were killed on Big Sandy River. 
The coincidences here almost go without saying with the recent tragedy in Newtown. "
26 Newtown children at the Superbowl 2013

Audio Slideshow

Floyd County bus crash

In 1958, 26 children were
killed on
Big Sandy River
I had never heard of this tragedy before, so I Googled around and found this list
and posted as a follow up comment -
Here is a list of the people who died in the 1958 Floyd County school bus disaster:
Doris Faye Burchett, 15, of Emma
James Edison Carey, 9, of Emma
Glenda May Cisco, 17, and her brother, Kenneth Forest Cisco, 14, of Sugar Load
Sandra Faye Cline, 8, and her sister, Paulette Cline, 9, of Lancer
Imogene Darby, 17, of Cow Creek
Linda Darby, 14 of Cow Creek
John Alex DeRossett, 17, of Water Gap
James Edward Goble, 12 his brother, John Spencer Goble, 11, and sister, Anna Laura Goble, 9, of Emma
Jane Carol Harris, 14, of Emma
John Harlan Hughes Jr., 13, of Emma
Margaret Louise Hunt, 15, of Cow Creek
Bucky Ray Jarrell, 14, and his sister, Katie Carol Jarrell, 13, of Sugar Loaf
Marcella Jervis, 14, of Emma
Montaine Jervis, 15, of Endicott
Thomas Roosevelt Jervis, 13, of Buffalo Creek
Katherine Justice, 15, of Endicott
Nannie Joyce McPeek, 17, of Lancer
Joyce Ann Matney, 14, and her sister, Rita Cheryl Matney, 8, of Lancer
James L. Meade Jr., 9, of Lancer
James Thomas Ousley, 15, of Lancer
Randy Scott Wallen, 17, of Lancer

Notice there is a
Jim (James) Carey

on the list? 
Jim Carrey was the star of the movie 23
Rob Sullivan replied back to my comment -
"... Continuing the number/name game the year the bus accident took place in Kentucky was 1958. 1+9+5+8=23"
My friends Rob and Trish MacGregor at Synchrosecrets
alerted me to this recent post of theirs called 933
about a documentary called 933 skills
which talks about a comet hitting a car in New York 
with the number plate 4GF933 and about the comet
shoemaker levy 9 hitting Jupiter
Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9
The movie 23 was made by Joel Schumacher (Shoemaker?),
who also made Batman Forever
starring Jim Carrey as The Riddler!
 Schumacher also made Blood Creek, or as it was originally called Town Creek.
as well as Trespass
His latest project is the TV show House of Cards
Getting back to the 933 skills movie
I took a look at this film and thought what about the other 

numbers on the numberplate (4GF-933) 
4GF =17 since 4+G (7)+F(6) = 17.
I put 17+933 into Google images and found these websites below.

What struck me personally, 
since I have had so many raven,/Poe syncs 
was the photo of E. A. Poe’s grave,
 which takes you to this site-
The Tantisper Tower
 It’s the site of an author named Adam Corbin Fusco.
When I Googled him, I found he has written some interesting articles-

 Space and Time Magazine Issue #113
 Adam is also a Casting Assistant and has worked on a Jodie Foster film,
which I find interesting since the radio antennas in the 933 doco reminded me of the movie Contact starring Jodie Foster.
Also another image I found was this image of a Madonna look a like wearing a cross, 
which leads to this site -
The Village Bike?-)

Funny, since I just did a piece on Madonna and the Pope -
Papa Don't Preach Coincidence?
which has so far had 33 views!?

“The Raven and the Dove”?

Adam Corbin Fusco also wrote a story called
The Raven and the Dove.
  Not quite a raven attacking the dove of peace, but still not a good sign.
 " The master magician Wim Brando transformed Jankowski for the duration of his exhibition in the Antwerp Gallery Lokaal 01 into a dove. 
The message from the magician to the audience was  
"You're standing in front of Christian's transformation into a dove. 
Be kind to him and remember that a real artist may sometimes be inscrutable, but a true person as well." 
With the aid of the gallery owner, visitors responded to Jankowski as dove, feeding him, taking photos and video documentation and documented his life as a dove in a guestbook. 
After the three weeks show, the magician came one more time to the gallery and transformed Jankowski back to a man."
Jim Carrey's next movie has a lot of dove imagery in it 
because it is about stage magic and illusions.
Adam Corbin Fusco also wrote a story called
How Mr. Fox Earned His Stripes
 also known as -
The Clockwork Looking Glass
There's Something 13 About Foxx ;-) 
Jammie Foxx's first movie was Toys
His next one is White House Down , where he plays the president.
On Adam Corbin Fusco's site I also found this post -
The Fall of the House of Poe
About Poe's house at 203 Amity Street that he moved into when he was 23.
Flow Like Poe?  
I'm sure the rabbit hole goes deeper, but that's enough digging for now.
O.K. Just one more to my friends the 
MacGregors at Synchrosecrets.
I watched Joel Schumacher's
Batman and Robin the other day and guess what 
Alfred the butler was dying from
MacGregor Syndrome!?

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