" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 1, 2013

Mooloolaba Syncs

Cyclone leaves Mooloolaba covered in foam

"Wild weather in the Australian state of Queensland has led to a small town becoming covered in foam whipped up by rough seas.
Residents and visitors could be seen playing in the foam and taking pictures of the unusual phenomenon in Mooloolaba on the
Sunshine Coast."
Cyclone leaves Mooloolaba covered in foam
Published on Jan 27, 2013
"Two Sunshine Coast police officers got the shock of a lifetime when a car emerged from head-high foam just metres away, almost bowling them over. 
The footage, captured this morning at Alexandra Heads in Mooloolaba, shows a completely obscured vehicle appear from masses of foam stirred up by ex-cyclone Oswald
 Mountains of froth stirred up by heavy seas blanketed several beaches on the Sunshine Coast overnight, creating 'winter wonderland' scenes in balmy Queensland.
Residents and tourists awoke to streets covered in foam up to three metres deep, engulfing cars and caravans along the beachfront.
Central Queensland has already borne the brunt of Oswald, with torrential rain and destructive winds bringing floods, tornadoes and destructive winds to the east coast and inland."

Train crash investigation could take months

 A train derailed just outside of Brisbane yesterday when it jumped the tracks at the end of the line.
Also Oswald damaged four tracks in Brisbane causing major problems for Brisbane's train system.
 "In Fortitude Valley, building scaffolding collapsed on the train line and damaged four tracks and an overhead line.
“Repair crews and scaffolding contractors are working around the clock, but at this stage Queensland Rail isn't expecting repairs to be finished before Wednesday morning, affecting all services tomorrow,” Mr Emerson said."
Storms knock out half of Brisbane's train lines
(Robert James)
Bend in the river, winding north
Mooloolah opens up her mouth
The black snake winds as the river always will
Life goes on when the water is still

Life goes on, life goes on when the work is all done
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba

Life goes on, even when the waters are still

Left to the freeway, driving north
The glasshouse mountains legends bought
Surfboards in cars come as they always will
Even when the waters are still

Life goes on, love goes on when the work is all done
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba, surfboards in cars
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba, come as they always will
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba, life goes on, even when the waters are still

The black snake winds as the river always will
Even when the water is still

Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba
From the edge of the world I can hear the water breathing
Her unmade bed is where I'll be sleeping
Even when the waters are still

Secrets In the Sand
Listen to how the lady in the above clip pronounces Mooloolaba:-)
If you don't know how it is pronounced, go here and listen to 
Robert James' song of the same name - 
Secrets In The Sand
Robert is the guy that sings one of my favourite songs,
'Forgotten Beach', which I wrote about here -
Forgotten Beach (Byron Bay)
which is funny because this morning I read this post -
The Lighthouse Family
by J Steve Kane.
Which is even more spooky when you see his avatar (above) and my post on Oswald from the other day -
Harvey, Oswald, Australia Day and Rabbits
Hervey Bay (pronounced Harvey Bay by Aussies) got smashed by Oswald too.
Olaf Breuning - Big Brain Small Stomach
The wild waterfront at Mooloolaba Beach at 1.30pm on Sunday

Mooloolaba, QLD

"The town is also home to an imposing statue of Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin
Given the Crocodile Hunters close association with the
Sunshine Coast 
(it’s home to his Australia Zoo), town members were anxious to honour his life. 
Mayor Joe Natoli approached the Irwin family to seek approval for the statue which was forthcoming.
 Steve worked for the local council from 1980 to 1984 as an apprentice diesel fitter at the Nambour Depot. 
The depot still has some Irwin Graffiti as a souvenir of the day he left. 
He took a can of grease and painted ‘Yahoo’ on a wall. 
It remains there today."
Pacific National locomotive NR75 named Steve Irwin
An old Mooloolaba postcard:-)


  1. Wow, Brisbane got walloped!It does remind me of hurricane sandy...

  2. Thanks for the intro to Mooloolaba, even if in exceptional circumstances, it's new to me.

    As for the foam, looks like one of those foam parties I've read about in various clubs.

  3. It's also funny to me that although I have lived in Australia for 48 years,Mooloolaba is as far north along the Queensland coastline that I have traveled.I have been further north going inland,but only as far as Gympie,and that was when I was eleven,to attend my uncle's funeral.
    Even my son who is not even half my age has been to Bundaberg this year,which was the place most effected by Oswald and my wife goes every year
    (last two years)
    with her girlfriends to Hervey Bay,which is a bone of contention in our marriage,as I'm not allowed to go along,since it is a girly get together thing.