" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 10, 2013

French+The Artist

Skull Illusions by Tom French
I was reading through Hell Bound
again, the other day and came across an artist who was just called French and who drew skulls and skeletons.
So I did a Google search for "French+artist+skulls"and got the picture at the top of this blog for a guy by the name of Tom French.
He was good, but he wasn't the French out of this book.
Then I tried a video search and got a preview for a film called  
The Artist.
Now, I had heard of the film and knew it had won 'Best Picture' one year, but it was never a film that seemed to grab my interest, looking at this trailer though, now I want to give it a viewing.
Everything has it's time and place I suppose?


I finally tracked down the right artist and found out his full name is Richard 'French' Sayer from the above photo where he says 
" ...the venue was massive. It was actually the theatre from Inglorious Bastards".
I've got to say I didn't like  Inglorious Bastards.


Tour Poster/Tour Shirt

He doesn't only just draw skulls, either.
He seems to be into skateboarding and designing skateboarding gear as well.
Not really my kind of art, but it was interesting taking a look at his drawings ... loved the scorpion/fly ... and my search has led me to an interesting movie that I probably would not have been interested in if I hadn't of stumbled across the trailer by accident.
The fame ... the fall...The Artist;-)
European Skateboard Awards/Bright Trade Show Berlin

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