" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 20, 2023

Glenda Jackson Escapes This Mortal Coil in 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit? 🌊␐🐇␛🕳

I have to admit that I don't recall ever seeing a
Glenda Jackson film in my life, but she is one of those actors I recognize from somewhere in my movie watching life.
I watched the film 'Mothering Sunday' on the Binge streaming service a few days back, since this was the last movie released so far that Glenda starred in, and I was pleasantly surprised by this film in more ways than one, not ever having heard of it before Glenda's passing.
First of all the movie co-starred Olivia Coleman and an attractive (and usually full-frontally nude) and very talented Australian actress I hadn't heard of before, named Odessa Young.
But I had seen Odessa in the movie 'Celeste' and TV series 'The Stand' before, just not really knowing who she was.
I saw 'Celeste' quite by "accident", as I wrote about in this post old -
Human/Animal Communication and Listening to My Own PiGS? (Part 1)
Olivia Colman, The Queen, Rabbits and Australia Day?
'Mothering Sunday' is a kind of boring arty "click flick", which being a straight male I never found boring while Odessa was strutting around the screen naked:-)
Glenda plays the older version of Odessa's character and ... SPOILER ALERT ... doesn't strut around the screen naked.
Glenda still has her last movie 'The Great Escaper' being released sometime in 2023, which I will be penciling onto my calendar to see, unless I too disappear from this mortal coil in 2023;-)
The Great Escaper (yet to be released)
There are still a few other films Glenda has starred in, looking through her acting credits at her IMDB page, that I want to watch at some stage this year, too.
According to the acting credits linked to Glenda's Wikipedia page, her first movie role was an uncredited role in the 1963 (the Year of the Water Rabbit) movie 'This Sporting Life'>;-)
What's Up with the Year of the Rabbit, Doc?💊🐇🌈🐰
Owl scene from 'Mothering Sunday'
I also thought of the "Owl Guy" Mike Clelland when watching 'Mothering Sunday' for some reason;-)
But that's for a future post, maybe?

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