" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 4, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney are Locked in a Cat and Mouse Game?🎥🐭🖱😼🎬

Seems kind of ironic to me that
Steamboat Willie hits the Public Domain in 2024 while Florida's governor — and recent presidential hopeful — Ron DeSantis launched a bid to strip the company of its power in the state.
Disney retaliated by launching a legal battle against Ron DeSantis personally.
Did you know that the surname DeSantis means ‘Blameworthy?-)
"He is almost 95 years old, but the original Mickey Mouse from “Steamboat Willie” is starting to pop back up on clothes, rides and other merchandise.
Copyright Attorney Aaron Moss said that’s because Disney is trying to keep the original Mickey out of the public domain.
Moss said the whole thing started in 1928 when “Steamboat Willie” was first released.
Copyright at that time was limited to a 28-year term and a 28-year additional term if you renewed it,” he said. “Over the years through various legislation from the likes of Sonny Bono that got extended to now 95 years from the date of publication with respect to something like “Steamboat Willie.”
Moss said that means January 1, 2024, “Steamboat Willie” will be in the public domain.
Treasure Island, Steamboat Willie, Disney and the Public Domain?☠🚢
Cairo seems to be a metaphor for a lesson doomed to be repeated if not learned from, it seems to me.
Cairo, Illinois is a Real Place?📖💭

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