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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 11, 2023

Room 2545: The Key?🔑🏨👽

There are always certain hotel room numbers based on stays in author's books that become pop cultural folklore, like Stephen King's Room 217 in the Overlook Hotel (the real-life Stanley Hotelbeing turned into Room 237 by Stanley Kubrick (Stanley ironically enough) for the Overlook Hotel in the movie version of 'The Shining'.
According to the infallible source Wikipedia -
"The Stanley Hotel is largely known for being one of the most haunted hotels in the United States, and served as the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's 1977 bestselling novel The Shining and its 1980 film adaptation. It was also a filming location for the related 1997 TV miniseries.
In 1974, during their brief residency in Boulder, Colorado, American horror writer Stephen King and his wife Tabitha spent one night at the Stanley Hotel. The visit is known entirely through interviews given by King in which he presents differing narratives of the experience. At the time of his visit, King was writing a book with the working title Darkshine set in an amusement park, but was not satisfied with the setting. According to George Beahm's Stephen King Companion, "on the advisement of locals who suggested a resort hotel located in Estes Park, an hour's drive away to the north, Stephen and Tabitha King found themselves checking in at the Stanley Hotel just as its other guests were checking out, because the hotel was shutting down for the winter season
After checking in and after Tabitha went to bed, King roamed the halls and went down to the hotel bar, where drinks were served by a bartender named Grady. As he returned to his room, numbered 217, his imagination was fired up by the hotel's remote location, its grand size, and its eerie desolation. Later, when King went into the bathroom and pulled back the pink curtain for the tub, which had claw feet, he thought, 'What if somebody died here? At that moment, I knew I had a book.'"
The Stanley Hotel - The Story Of Room 217/237, Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick and 'The Shining'?
Whitley Stieber wrote a book he claims to be true called 'The Key' about a meeting with a "visitor" to his #2545 Toronto hotel room on June 6th, 1998, which was the anniversary of Carl Jung's passing.
And as luck or fate would have it Jung and Kubrick both share July 26th as their birthdays:-)
"In 2001, Strieber self-published a book titled The Key, in which he claimed that while on a book tour for his book Confirmation, he was visited in the early morning of June 6, 1998, at his Toronto hotel room by an unknown man who presented him with a "new image of God". Strieber engaged the man in dialogue for "half an hour," though Strieber also conceded that "once our conversation was transcribed, it became obvious that more time was involved" and "he must have been with me for at least two hours". Subjects discussed included the Holocaustsudden climate change, the afterlife, psychic ability, UFOs, and using the human soul in machines. 
According to Strieber, the man did not give his name, and in the book Strieber refers to him as Master of the Key
While he was writing the book, Strieber said that unlike other events he had experienced "the reality of this one isn't in question."
In the section of The Key entitled The Conversation, Strieber presented a transcription of the conversation which Strieber has claimed is "80 to 90 percent accurate", "90% accurate or more". 
In 2011[The Year of the Rabbit], Tarcher/Penguin printed a new edition of The Key, which contained significant differences from the version of the transcription contained in Strieber's original Walker & Collier edition. 
In response, Strieber alleged that his own 2001 self-published edition had been "censored" by "sinister forces"."
I couldn't help thinking of the Zager and Evans's song 'In The Year 2525' when hearing Whitley's room number was #2545.
"Zager and Evans were an American rock-pop duo active during the late 1960s and early 1970s, comprising Denny Zager (born February 14, 1944, Wymore, Nebraska) and Rick Evans (born January 20, 1943, Lincoln, Nebraska, died February 2018, Santa Fe, New Mexico). 
They are best known for their 1969 No. 1 hit single "In the Year 2525", which earned them one-hit wonder status."
I read
'The Key' years ago and have since given the book away.
I've written a few posts featuring 'The Key' like this one -
Pickman's Model/Strieber's Communion?
Published in 1987, the Year of the Rabbit
I liked Whitley's book 'Communion' but I find Whitley what I would call a very unreliable narrator when it comes to his "real life".
His books have become a very big influence on pop culture, whether true or not.
But to me I find Whitley a confused human being who believes he is telling the truth, but who can't distinguish between dreams/fantasy and his real life
Communion (1989 film)
Communion (1987 book)
Carl Jung Flying Saucers A Modern
Myth of Things Seen in the Skies
That doesn't mean I can write off everything Whitley writes as pure fantasy ... or lies.
But I find his "real life" encounters very hard to take seriously as factual encounters any more than I could take my own dreams as factual "real life" encounters.
What Are the Eyes Actually Seeing?

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