" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 15, 2023

BledSOe Said LasSO?⚽🕳🐇🛸🌈🐰

I was listening to the latest
'Bledsoe Said So' episode #99
: What If? Vol. 11 and Ryan mentions watching the Apple TV series 'Ted Lasso' which I have just finished watching the whole 3 seasons of.
The 'Ted Lasso' show is more or less a Wizard of Oz analogy where Ted leaves Kansas to pursue his dreams in a land far away from his home.
And ... SPOILER ALERT ... Ted even flies back to Kansas reading Michael Pollan's trippy book 'How to Change Your Mind', so was it all just a metaphorical trip ... or dream>?-)
They end the series in 2023 with a montage to the Cat Stevens' song 'Father and Son', and since the Year of the Rabbit is not the Rabbit but the Year of the Cat in Vietnam, I thought that was rather accidentally synchromystic.
2023, the Year of the Rabbit ... or the Cat?🐇😻
In fact, in real life the fictional AFC Richmond's home ground is the home ground of the real Crystal Palace football club in the Emerald City London.
Synchromystically, Daniel Jason Sudeikis was born in 1975, the Year of the Rabbit and the final season (season 3) ends in 2023, the Year of the Rabbit>;-)
Tina Turner Was Born in and Passes in the Year of the Rabbit?🌎🌊🐇🌍
Super Bowl LVII Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs ... and the Winner is?🦅🌈
My old
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks football club shipmate Bredan Cowell landed the part of Scoresby in A2 after being out in an English pub all night halfway across the world watching our club win their first ever NRL grand final, while I was on the sideline in Australia shaking hands with most of the players on their victory lap:-)
I found it rather funny everyone was mentioning bear dreams and coincidences in that latest episode of 'Bledsoe Said So' as I had just watched the 1975 movie 'Escape to Witch Mountain' on Disney+ because I had watched 'Race to Witch Mountain' recently, and I kept wondering what the bear had to do with anything in that first movie -
Whitley Strieber Made a Cameo in Race to Witch Moutain?🌄🛸
Well, this rabbit hole could go on forever ... or I could ... but I'll end this post here with the intention of exploring many of the themes touched on here in future posts.
Room 2545: The Key?🔑🏨👽
Chelsea Handler was Born in 1975, the Year of the Rabbit, the Same Year the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto Opened?🏨🐰

UPDATE: June 16th, 2023
Being an Australian myself, I found it a rather Ted Lasso moment waking up this morning to the news that my country just added to Argentina's Rabbit LIONel Messi's goal scoring stories in China of all places in 2023, the Year of the Rabbit/Cat:-(
Actually, it's more like a Roy Kent moment for me ... F########CK!!!!

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