" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 10, 2016

2017: What Comes First, the Chicken, the Egg...or the Monkey?

2016: The Year of the MOONkey, has been a big year in pop culture with David Bowie passing away, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and  
Naomi Watts getting divorced...and let's not forget  
Alan (SnAPE) Rickman passing away in the year of the monkey, either.
On a personal note, my divorce was finalized in 2016, also.
Naomi Watts divorced in the year of the monkey
 Brad Pitt divorced in the year of the monkey
Johnny Depp divorced in the year of the monkey

Blackstar (album)

Moonkey by the StArmy
David Bowie's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
I was watching The Starmy's video Moonkey (made five years ago) this morning.

It struck me that 2016, being 'The Year of the Monkey' in Chinese astrology, that this movie by The Starmy was quite prophetic, because it stars all of those actors above who played in monkey movies and divorced in the year of the monkey, oddly enough.
Moonkey by the StArmy
Watch the movie by clicking on the red link above and see if you think it is rather quite relevant to the year of the monkey, 2016.
Blackstar & 2001: A Space Odyssey
Interesting also, was seeing Mark Wahlberg in Tim Burton's 2001 version of 'Planet of the Apes' in that Moonkey video.
Tim Burton was also the director of 'Batman' know...the one Prince wrote the soundtrack for?

Batman (album)

And Prince also passed away in the year of the monkey.
What interests me though about Mark Wahlberg is that I just saw him in the 2016 (Year of the Monkey) release of 'Deepwater Horizon', about the BP oil spill and realized that the Deepwater Horizon was built in 2001 (A Space Odyssey?) and destroyed in 2010 (the Year We Make Contact?).
Next year (Year of the Rooster) though, Wahlberg will star in the Transformer movie, 'Transformers: The Last Knight'.
Interesting BP connection also with the Deepwater Horizon and 'Transformers: The Last Knight' coming out in the Year of the Rooster is that the Rooster headed god Abraxas has a BP in it's original Greek spelling -  ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ.
Knights Templar Seal
"Amulets and seals bearing the figure of Abraxas were popular in the 2nd century, and were used also in the 13th century in some of the seals of the Knights Templar. 
By medieval times, Abraxas was relegated to the ranks of demons. 
The image most associated with Abraxas is that of a  
composite creature with the head of a rooster, the body of a man, and legs made of serpents or scorpions. 
He carries a whip and shield, called wisdom and power. 
Occasionally Abraxas is depicted driving a chariot drawn by four horses, probably representing the elements."
A page from C. G. Jung's 1916 private printing of the Septem Sermones ad Mortuos
"The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote a short Gnostic treatise in 1916 (100 years ago) called The Seven Sermons to the Dead, which called Abraxas the supreme power of being transcending both God and devil and unites all opposites into one being."
2017 the year of the rooster and the new Jewish year 5777 both end in sevens, but the Jewish New Year seems to have hit the jackpot, as far as the number 7 goes.
I saw 'The Magnificent Seven' in Canberra at the cinema pictured above on the 29th of September, only because my youngest son wanted to see it, I didn't have much interest in this movie to tell the truth.
I was more interested in checking out the Catholic Church across the road from the cinema than the movie I had just bought tickets to.
My son in all seriousness asked me if that was the Grim Reaper holding the lamb in the photo above.
I told him that it was the Good Shepard (Jesus), but that I could see how he could have jumped to that conclusion.
They look a bit like Knights Templar crosses in those windows to me.

Knights Templar Cross?

When we were walking back across the road to the cinema I asked my son, "what do you call a guy who hangs around churches?"
He said, "a priest?"
I said,"no....Jesus".
He laughed and asked me where I heard that one before and I told him that I hadn't heard it anywhere before and that it just occurred to me when I saw the huge crucifix on the wall.
And I'm sure Jesus would be laughing too, if I told him that one I said to my son, as I'm sure he knows the Australian sense of humour by now.  
The weird thing I would find out though....SPOILER that most of the action in this movie would take place around a church in the town of Rose Creek.
The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history.
The seven letters spelling its name may represent each of the 
seven classic planets.

Salman Rushdie's novel Midnight's Children (1981) contains a reference to Abraxas in the chapter "Abracadabra":
Abracadabra: not an Indian word at all, a cabbalistic formula derived from the name of the supreme god of the Basilidan gnostics, containing the number 365, the number of the days of the year, and of the heavens, and of the spirits emanating from the god Abraxas.
— Saleem Sinai

"Abrasax is invoked in Aleister Crowley's 1913 work, 
"The Gnostic Mass" of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica:
The year of the monkey has certainly been a strange year for those keeping their eyes and ears wide open, but you can bet that the year of the rooster will be really something to crow about.
I don't know what 2017 will hold, but I'm planning to see Neil Young and Santana play at Bluesfest next Easter, so I might be eating Easter eggs while listening to Santana play songs from his Abraxas album and hoping that cock Trump isn't president in 2017;-)


Dennis/87 said...

Blues fest 2017 looks stellar. Gnosticism is key to understanding this black iron prison. 87

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Bluesfest is always a blast for me, just read my previous Bluesfest posts from over the years I've attended.
And next year's line-up is still not finalized yet...for instance, Barry Gibb has just been added to the above line-up, so I hope to be "stayin' alive" until next Easter.
It should be another Bluesfest blast in 2017.