" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 1, 2016

Anyone for TV Dinner Duck?

Anyone for some TV dinner?
I bought a glass duck on a spoon at the Canberra Glassworks called, 'Anyone for Duck?', made by an artist named Luna Ryan and then found a You Tube about her and her art and how she melts down used TV screens to make her art.
Seems kind of appropriate to make art out of recycled glass we are used to keeping our modern eyes glued to.
Luna also talks in her You Tube above about making burial poles out of glass instead of the traditional wood for Tiwi people, as it is thought to represent the inter-dimensional world of the spirit.
I'm glad to finally see a real use for the TV in modern society:-)
TV screens and dinners can be a feast for the eyes when it comes to art.
Fascinating stuff and the weird thing is on my last day in Canberra when I went to visit the National Film Archive in the city centre of Canberra there were ducks on the footpath, as well as currawongs, which I was hoping to see up close, as they filled the tree outside my motel room every morning with their song.
Currawongs in the tree outside
my motel room in Canberra

I first thought they were crows until I heard their weird call.
Currawongs on the footpath outside the
National Film Archive
in Canberra.
Ducks on the footpath outside the
National Film Archive in Canberra.
Currawongs outside my motel room
singing in the trees.
Currawongs on the footpath outside the
National Film Archive in Canberra.
I was surprised that I could get up so close to these birds.
The National Film Archive in Canberra.
stained-glass DUCK billed platypus on
 the roof of the
National Film Archive.

An old TV in the National Sound
and Film Archive
in Canberra.
The Canberra Glassworks
I also bought the duck on the spoon because it reminded me of my duck encounters on my last road-trip to Tasmania, which I wrote about in this post -
But I would find out that Canberra is full of strange birds also -
A Black Swan Event in Canberra
And on the subject of revolvers there was a piece of art I nearly bought of a glass nut and bolt, because as a stupid kid, me and a friend used to make bolt bombs, where we would get two bolts and one nut, scrape off match heads and place them in-between the bolts and then throw the bolts on to a concrete surface and watch them explode and fly off into the air.
The trouble was these things were like playing with bullets, which being kids we didn't realize that we were basically playing Russian Roulette with our lives every time we would throw one down on to the cement.   
The last time I ever threw one, the bolt landed on and angle and blew off just past my right ear with the force of a bullet.
It was then that I realized how stupid and dangerous these things were and how I came within inches of putting a bolt through my face at bullet force.
So, these glass bolts I saw in the Canberra Glassworks bought back some rather creepy nostalgic childhood memories with the thought that it is only sheer luck that I'm alive standing here looking at art when I could have easily died that day the bolt missed my head.
Of course, I have had many near misses since that day (although not with bolt bombs) that could have easily snuffed my life out, but I'm still here, which is rather miraculous when I think about it.
So, maybe next time I'm in Canberra I should buy one of these works of art as a reminder of how stupid and lucky I was to make it to where I am today.
The upper level of the Glassworks
looking towards
There is also a great burger joint attached to the Glassworks where you can get more than a glass duck on a spoon, if you are feeling like eating more than a TV dinner at the time;-)

Bon appΓ©tit.
Michael Leunig at the BBWF
I've now taken duck off my menu ... and it tastes so bloody good ... but I've had too many duck encounters on my road-trips to continue to eat them and not feel guilty about it.
I'm not judging anyone who eats them, it's my personal hang-up.
Chicken, curry and rice from now on ... and you probably thought I was going to go vegetarian, didn't you?-)

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